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4 Incredible Glute Machines to Discover at Your Gym

It's important to learn how to use a glute machine.

Feel like you’re getting a saggy bottom? 

If what’s behind you is starting to…deflate a bit, you’re not alone. There are tons of people–regardless of gender–who wish they had a more robust rump. 

The great news is: you’re not stuck with the sag! In fact, if you hit up your local gym, I guarantee you that you’ll find several amazing glute machines–all designed with one purpose: pepping up the ol’ badonk

Today, I’ll talk to you about 4 different glute machines to look for at your local gym. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to: 

  • Decide which glute machines are right for you! 

  • Feel confident using glute machines at your gym!

  • Not a bad deal, right? But first, let’s start with the anatomy of the glutes. 

    Glute Anatomy 

    The gluteal muscle group comprises 3 major muscles, each of which plays a slightly different function in helping your butt work to its max capabilities. 

    Gluteus Minimus: The gluteus minimus may be six times smaller than the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus combined, but its contributions to your butt are less than minimal. 

    It’s buried deep under the other two gluteal muscles, and it plays a pivotal role in supporting your pelvis during walking as well as inward or outward leg movements. [1] 

    Gluteus Minimus is one muscle that can be worked out with a glute machine.


    Gluteus Medius: Around half the size of its more famous brother, the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius also doesn’t deserve its underrated status. It’s located on the lateral or outer side of the hip, and every single time you lift a leg, the opposite gluteus medius muscle contracts, keeping your pelvis from tilting and supporting the weight of your upper body. 

    They may be medium, but they are powerful; they literally generate a force that is double your body weight whenever you take a step. [1]

    Gluteus Medius is one muscle that can be worked out with a glute machine.

    Gluteus Maximus: And last but certainly not least is the most famous of the three: the gluteus maximus. It boasts the title of the biggest muscle in the body–just a little flex for the gluteus maximus. But besides that, it obviously is super important because it’s what we sit on all day–at the office or on the couch. 

    What most people don’t know about the gluteus maximus is that, without this muscle, you’d end up doing a major face plant–unable to walk at the park, run on a trail, or even just stand on your feet. [1] 

    So now that we know how much these muscles impact your daily life, let’s get into the benefits of working out your glutes. 

    Gluteus Maximus is one muscle that can be worked out with a glute machine.

    Benefits of Using Glute Machines to Get a Stronger Behind! 

    Using glute machines to light up those glutes comes with several benefits. How could it not–with all these guys are responsible for?

    Using Glute Machines Can Prevent Back Pain

    Unfortunately, lower back pain and weak glutes go hand in hand. It’s super easy to compensate for weak glutes by putting an extra strain on your lower back–resulting in what can be debilitating lower back pain. 

    As we know, the glutes provide tons of support to the pelvis and also the lumbar spine. So, using glute machines to strengthen your glutes helps you maintain a more natural and neutral spine during your daily activities, significantly lowering your chances of misalignment or improper loading of the back. 

    Using Glute Machines Can Prevent Hip Pain

    The gluteus medius and gluteus minimus collab together to stabilize your hips during movements such as walking, running, and jumping. It’s only natural that using glute machines to strengthen your glutes will prevent common hip injuries, such as hip impingements or lateral tears. Stronger glutes can also help keep your hips aligned, which would reduce your chances of hip dysplasia. 

    Using Glute Machines Can Improve Athletic Performance

    Any sport requires levels of explosive power. What better muscle to generate this power than the biggest muscle in your body? Whether tackling someone on a football field, beating someone to the ball in soccer, or wrestling an opponent down in record time–your glutes are involved in the power needed for those motions as well as the speed and agility necessary for sporting success.

    And if you talk to most athletes, they’ll each have their own favorite glute machine that they use to get great glutes. 

    Using Glute Machines Can Improve Aesthetics

    This one’s totally subjective, and everyone has their own taste, but it’s a fact that many people enjoy a burly backside. Regardless of gender, you may want to beef up your rear end just for aesthetics, and that’s a totally fine goal to have. The good news is that there are so many health benefits to working out your glutes as well, so you get the best of both worlds! 

    Using glute machines can be one of the best ways to maximize your maximus! 

    4 Premium Glute Machines to Find at Your Local Gym

    With so many benefits to having stronger glutes, gyms offer a plethora of commonly found glute machines, and now’s the part where I tell you my favorite ones. These 4 glute machines are typically found in most gyms, and chances are–you’ll be able to find these at your gym

    Ever see one of those Instagram posts that compares how you feel doing something to how you actually look? A lot of times, I wonder what I actually look like at the gym–especially when I try out a new machine. 

    I know it can be scary to try a new machine at the gym, but today, I’ll give you the inside scoop on each glute machine, so when you show up ready to work those glutes, you will not only feel confident–but actually look confident at the same time! 

    Glute Machine #1: The Smith Machine 

    Using a Smith machine for Smith machine squats is one the most optimal ways to get some meat on those glutes! The Smith machine is great because it has built-in safety hooks. All you have to do is grab the bar and rotate your wrists to undo the safety. Then, hook it back in when you’re done with the exercise. 

    How to Use This Glute Machine: 

    Smith Machine Squat: 

    1. Face the Smith machine bar, and position the bar, so it is just under shoulder level. 
    1. Place the desired weight on either side of the bar. 
    1. Duck under the bar, positioning the bar just at the base of your traps–looking forward. 
    1. Rotate your wrists to unrack the bar. 
    1. Push your hips back, allowing your knees to bend. Your body will naturally descend, supporting the bar on your traps. Go down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. 
    1. Now, bring the bar back up, driving your feet into the floor. Then repeat. 


    Benefits of Using This Glute Machine: 

    This glute machine is great for beginners, especially, because–with the safety locks of this machine–you don’t need a spotter as compared to using a barbell squat. 

    As you lift the bar, your glutes will contract, straightening the hip joint and providing power and support for this motion. 

    When you bend down, your gluteus medius and gluteus minimus will engage–keeping your hips and pelvis stable. 

    Glute Machine #2: The Leg Press

    The leg press is a great glute machine to use!

    A 45-degree leg press machine is not just limited to helping you build stronger legs! With the right foot position, you can target your glutes–and trust me, you’ll feel this one! 

    How to Use This Glute Machine: 

    Glute-focused Leg Press: 

    1. Load the desired weight onto the machine. 
    1. Sit in the seat. Then, place your feet on the platform above you–keeping them shoulder-width apart. Move your feet all the way to the top of the platform–high enough, so your toes touch the top but are not hanging over. 
    1. Push up on the platform with your feet, releasing the safety lock as you do so. 
    1. Brace your core, and pull your butt against the back of the seat to ensure good form and prevent lower back damage. 
    1. Slowly lower the weight, bending your knees until they are in front of your face; your legs should be bent in a 90-degree angle. Be sure to go deep in the rep, bringing your legs as far down as they can without having to flare your knees. 
    1. Push the weight back up to the starting position, and repeat. 

    Benefits of Using This Glute Machine: 

    This one doesn’t take a genius: add gravity plus the ability to load super heavy weights, and you’ll see bulkier glutes in no time with this glute machine! Personally, I find this machine particularly challenging because it takes so much exertion to lift the weight, but I’ve also seen amazing results from this machine. 

    Leg press machines can be easier on your lower back than a squatting motion, so this is a great move for people who may be struggling with lower back pain. 

    Glute Machine #3: Cable Machine

    The cable machine is a great machine to use for glutes at the gym.

    Cable machines are super versatile, and while you may see people using these machines more for arms, shoulders, and back strength, you can definitely use a cable machine to get rock-hard glutes: today, we’ll focus on 2 exercises! 

    How to Use This Glute Machine: 

    Cable Glute Kickback

    1. Set the pulley to the lowest position. 
    1. Facing the cable machine, attach an ankle strap to your ankle.
    1. Place your hands on the machine, maintaining an upright position with your body without leaning over.  
    1. Keeping your leg straight, raise it straight back behind you as far as you can lift it. 
    1. Hold for a few seconds. Then slowly lower back down. Repeat this till exhaustion, and you have a set! 

    Cable Pull Through: 

    1. Set the pulley to the lowest position, and attach a rope handle to the pulley. 
    1. Face away from the cable station. 
    1. Stand with the rope between your legs. 
    1. Then, grab the rope with each hand. 
    1. As you do this, your body will naturally bend over. Push your hips back as this happens, allowing your knees to bend and your torso to tilt forward until it is at a 45-degree angle. 
    1. Thrust your hips forward, straightening your legs and moving your torso back into an upright standing position. As you do this, you’ll naturally pull the rope with you. Be sure to squeeze the glutes for optimum glute work! 
    1. Bend your hips and knees back to return to the starting position, and repeat. 

    Benefits of Using This Glute Machine: 

    The cable machine has flexibility with how much weight you can use, and most of the time, it's pin-loaded, which makes it easier for quick weight change. 

    Both of the exercises above target the glutes in different ways, but each of them provides a great, isolated focus on the glutes. Additionally, the kickback motion as well as the pulling motion of the pull-throughs are motions that mimic both daily life and athletic movements. 

    Glute Machine #4: Hip Thrust Machine 

    Not only does this one have a fun name, but it's fun to use as well! 

    How to Use This Glute Machine: 

    Hip Thrust

    1. Add the desired weight to this machine, or you can also just use your own body weight and probably still feel this one. 
    1. Sit down on the bench, and fasten the hip belt, so it rests comfortably across your hips: supportive but not too tight. 
    1. Lower your hips, disengaging the safety lock as you do so. 
    1. Now, squeeze your glutes to elevate your hips as high as they can go, keeping your core braced. 
    1. Lower them again, and repeat. 

    Benefits of Using This Glute Machine: 

    This compound exercise strengthens your hips, glutes, and quads while also providing stabilization and injury prevention for your pelvis and lower back. This one will help with posture and balance as well. 

    Get Serious About Glute Recovery With the QL Claw

    The QL Claw is a greta device to use after a glute machine workout.


    You’re obviously taking this whole glute thing pretty seriously. And it’s clear that you’re motivated to get your rear into gear–quite literally. 

    But there’s a whole other aspect of being serious about glute health, and that’s prioritizing glute recovery after an intense glute machine workout. 

    So, whether you’re working your glutes to help with a pre-existing injury or you’re using glute machines in the hopes of preventing injury–let me recommend the QL Claw

    Our very own at-home massage device (we’re just a little proud of it if you couldn't tell), the QL Claw is small enough to fit in your gym bag, but its results are big enough for the gluteus maximus! And that’s saying something for the biggest muscle in the body. 

    Seriously, though. You can check out the specific positions to use the with QL Claw that target your glutes, and you’re not gonna want to go back after you try this guy! 

    Whether seeking relief from an injury or that after-workout burn, you’ll feel instant change with the QL Claw. 

    So, say goodbye to your saggy bottom. Get serious about your glutes. 

    Work them out. 


    Then, do it all over again! 



    [1] Davies, Clair, and Amber Davies. The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief. 3rd ed., New Harbinger Publications, Inc., 2013.

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