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How To Back Massage With Back Massage Techniques And Back Massage Machine

Back massages have been studied to significantly benefit your health in a number of ways.  From relieving tight muscles and joint pain, to reducing stress and built up anxiety, it's no surprise that people crave the therapeutic feeling of a back massage.  With a wide variety of options ranging from back massage machine tools to back massage techniques from massage experts or physical therapists, the intent behind the back massage can differ.  In this article I will be exploring popular back massage techniques, back massage machines, and what makes a back massage beneficial to a sore and injured back.

 Back Massage - Back Massage Technique


Back Massage Techniques - Trigger Points:

When relieving pain through back massage, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact location of pain.  Knowing where your muscles are the tightest will improve the effectiveness of the back massage technique while relieving the most pain.  In order to do this correctly, you must understand what is a trigger point and how can I release it through trigger point therapy.

Trigger points are irritable contraction knots in muscles that can cause a ton of pain throughout the body. Trigger points have been linked to back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, and many other health issues [1].

Trigger point therapy aims to relieve pain by releasing knots (trigger points) with deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage physically digs deep into muscles to work out trigger points, releasing muscles of their constant tension.  A great tool for this is the QL Claw.  Without a trip your physical therapist or chiropractor, the QL Claw is an awesome at at home tool for trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage.

Back massage machine - QL Claw

How To Back Massage Using QL Claw


Back Massage Techniques: Back Pain

Back massage techniques range far and wide.  From an elbow massage to walking on back massage, you don't know what to expect when receiving a back massage.  Back massage techniques from a chiropractor will differ from back massage techniques from a massage therapist.  With a chiropractor, the back massage technique will have more of an emphasis on loosening muscles and reducing joint pain.  With a massage therapist, the back massage technique will be more concentrated on the feeling and relaxation aspect versus the functionality behind the massage.

The best strategy to combat lower back muscle pain through back massage techniques is deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage can be done effectively by the hands of a physical or massage therapist, or at home with a deep tissue muscle release tool like the QL Claw. The QL Claw was designed to release all of the muscles that can contribute to lower back muscle pain when tight.

For more information on deep tissue massage and trigger points, check out this video below.



Back Massage Machine:

Back massage machines have been becoming increasingly more popular in everyday homes.  Muscle soothing and relaxation back massage machines such as; electric back massagers, back massage machine chairs, heated back massage mats, and handheld vibrating massager are all back massage machines made for back relief.  Built for temporary relief and relaxation, the majority of back massage machines are not equipped for deep tissue massage and trigger point release. 

Back massage machines such as the heated massage mat and massage chairs only reach the surface area of the muscles.  In order to break up tight fibers deep in the muscle, you need a tool such as the QL Claw, with a hook to really get in there.  Back massage machines are great for minor pain relief and temporary satisfaction.  If you are looking to loosen up your tight muscles and rid your low back of pain, get your QL Claw today.


back massage machine - back muscle solutions

[1] Davies, Clair, and Amber Davies. The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief. 3rd ed., New Harbinger Publications, Inc., 2013.

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