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Back Muscle Solutions Team

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Ben Ayd 

Founder & CEO
Chicago, IL | St. Paul, MN

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Jake Anderson 

Fulfillment & Support Lead
Golden, CO

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Marinella Guerrero, RN 

Digital Content Strategist
Maui, HI

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Matt Roseti 

Jacksonville, FL

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Amanda Johnson 

Digital Content Strategist
Los Angeles, CA

Quinn Head Shot.png__PID:83bac531-8bad-48d2-80d7-4e9ab195df64

Quinn Lemke 

Video Production
Denver, CO

Sam Linkedin Photo.jpeg__PID:8023970a-e494-4e30-af8a-a6a1fc1a3f64

Sam Ayd 

Digital Marketing
Stevens Point, WI

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QL Claw Origin

The QL Claw muscle release tool was created to fill a need for a better massage therapy device. Our founder suffered 4 years of crippling back pain, and was disappointed with the lack of product to fill his need - a versatile tool that offers deep tissue massage for low back, hip, and glute muscles. He set out to scratch his itch and make a better product, and QL Claw was born. 

100% Designed, Manufactured, and Based In The United States.

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Award For High-Value Healthcare

2017 - 2018

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Patient's Choice Award

2019 - 2021

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Retail Excellence Awards: OTC And Preventive Health


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