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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying!

"As a full time Jiu-Jitsu coach and competitor my body and especially my back has been put through a lot. As a result I have been battling low back pain for the last few years. When Ben approached me at a Jiu-Jitsu tournament with a new muscle relief tool I was eager to try it. After a few minutes on the QL Claw I knew it was going to help me relieve my back pain. I've recommended the QL Claw to my own students and they have also found relief in their pain as well. The QL Claw is such a cool and effective tool and I always look forward to using it before I wrestle. "

Wade Barden QL Claw Back Pain Relief

Wade Barden, BJJ Coach - Stronghold Athletics

"I absolutely love the QL Claw! It is my favorite self care tool for the low back and hips. When using a foam roller or lacrosse ball in the hips and low back, it's difficult to get that sweet spot with the right leverage, but with the QL Claw those problems are no longer. I'm a massage therapist and having this tool to get into all of the deep hip rotators and flexors is a life and career saver!”

Nathan Dufault Back Pain QL Claw

Stephanie, Elements Massage - Licensed Massage Therapist

"As a healthcare provider and a self-massage enthusiast I'm always looking for innovative and effective tools for myself and my active clients. The QL Claw is a wonderful addition for athletes and weekend warriors looking for self-release of the quadratus lumborum, glutes and hip flexors. It's versatile and I continue to find new ways to use it. It's currently my go-to muscle release tool."

Nathan Dufault Back Pain QL Claw

Nathan Dufault, Mindful Motion PT - Licensed Athletic Trainer

"The Claw has been an excellent tool to target and release high stress areas that build up while playing hockey such as my QL, glutes, and piriformis. It’s straightforward to use, very comfortable, and I can easily store it in my hockey bag."

Jack Becker QL Claw Back Pain Relief

Jack Becker, Boston Bruins draft prospect

"After Using the QL claw, It has become a vital part of my everyday routine. It’s perfectly designed to release any muscle knots throughout the body and has done wonders on my back. I highly recommend It to any one that deals with muscle tightness, especially athletes."

Nathan Dufault Back Pain QL Claw

Quinn Lemke, Cleveland State Lacrosse

"I've really enjoyed using the QL Claw for my clients and myself. It's unique design really allows you to rest into a position to better release your trigger points. I can never get a lax ball to do the same. I have found it to be really helpful with my winging scapula issue on my left side. Since using it more often I've been able to increase my elbow hang time. This is a really great SMR tool and I can't recommend it enough."

Nathan Dufault Back Pain QL Claw

Brian "Rock" Hancock, MovNat Madison

"Being a college athlete, I am always trying to find ways to stay flexible and keep my muscles ready to perform. However, I have never been able to find anything that releases the muscles in my back with pinpoint accuracy. That is until I found out about the QL Claw. I have had a long history of back injuries and tightness dating back to a stress fracture in my lower back in middle school. Since then I have always dealt with small tweaks/tightness, and more recently have dealt with herniated discs in my L4/L5. The QL Claw has been a phenomenal tool in keeping my back loose and releasing tightness whenever it creeps back into my life. I have developed an awesome daily routine with the QL Claw right before I perform my daily stretching program, and have never felt better. In addition to this, I have started  experimenting with the QL Claw in other areas of my body, and have found that it works great releasing the muscles around my shoulders, hips, and glutes. Being a quarterback, this has been an extremely valuable discovery in keeping my arm ready to go, and my body ready to torque. That being said, I cannot stress enough how much of a game changer this product has been in my life. I would recommend it to anyone looking to not only improve their performance in sport, but also to improve their overall lifestyle."

Nathan Dufault Back Pain QL Claw

Max Bortenschalger, FIU Quarterback

"Keeping my body in tune through stretching and massage therapy is a part of my daily routine and an essential practice to continue surfing at the level I want to maintain. For the past 15 years I have tried countless tools and devices to help with recovery and injuries from surfing. From softballs, to lacrosse balls, to rollers, massage guns, and more, I can honestly say that I have tried nearly everything out there. I recently was given the opportunity to use and incorporate "The Claw," into my daily routine. I was impressed with the areas that I was able to access on my body, areas that were previously difficult to reach. Muscles along the sides of my spine and my muscles within my glutes are typically hard to reach, and yet The Claw easily allowed me to massage and work through those muscles. The Claw's small size and lightweight, yet strong material, is easy to move making this tool something that I am excited to travel with for future surf trips as well. Overall, I cannot emphasize enough about how impressed I am with this tool and how easy it was to incorporate into my daily routines in keeping my body ready for action."

Nathan Dufault Back Pain QL Claw

Asher Weitzen, Surfing Phenom

4 ‘QL Claw’ Bits worth your attention

Low Back Pain Gone!

QL Claw Encourages Independence

Helplessness, anger, frustration - may be some emotions that manifested during your last back flare up. How great would it be to understand your body, and know exactly how to get out of pain when it arises?

QL Claw encourages you to be in control of your pain. We encourage you to understand the 5 muscles that contribute to a large amount of back and hip pain. We encourage you to feel when these muscles are tight, contain knots, and need massage.

QL Claw was Designed Around a Problem

QL Claw was developed to combat muscle-induced back & hip pain at home. Our founder spent thousands of dollars throughout his back pain relief journey on MRIs, Chiropractors, and PTs. He was frustrated with the lack of at home options, and set out to create his own affordable, portable solution.

Working Hard to Solve Back Pain
QL Claw is Sturdy

The Brunt of QL Claw

The Claw is the most solid massage therapy tool out there - and we dare someone to prove us wrong. It is flexible, it bends, and it also can hold the weight of a car. Don't believe us? Check out the abuse the Claw can take here: What the Hell is the Claw Made of???

QL Claw has Numerous Uses

Versatility is the Claw's middle name. Loosen up the low back and hips by massaging the deep glutes (Gluteus Medius and Piriformis), upper hip flexors (Psoas and Iliacus), and low back (Quadratus Lumborum).

Can you use the Claw on muscles not related to the low back and hips? Of course. Satisfied customers also use the Claw on the Pectorals, Quads, and even the foot.

Releasing Glutes to Relieve Back Pain

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