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The Best (and Affordable) Gifts for Back Pain

Best Gifts For Back Pain

Having back pain can be physically stressful and extremely inconvenient. If you have it (or had it) I’m sure you’d agree and go on to say this is the understatement of the year. Back pain is a pervasive issue that affects millions of people all over the world of all ages - no matter their lifestyle, occupation, etc. Odds are, if it’s not you, you know someone who does have it. 

Once you have back pain, maybe you wish that you could get it under control so you could live your life free of discomfort once again. Okay, and if this isn’t you experiencing back pain but you KNOW someone with this ailment AND would like to gift them something… you’re on the right page.

With an empathic perspective and some quick research, let’s check out the best gifts for back pain you could give a friend or loved one today…

Top Gifts for Back Pain

What makes a gift especially thoughtful is really knowing more about the person you’re gifting to. Do they have back pain because of long work hours sitting in a chair? Is their pain lower back or upper back? Also, what have they tried already - so you don’t go giving something they’ve had little success with or simply don’t enjoy using. Do some digging, if possible! 

Now on to some options:

  • Orthopedic seat cushion: for the office worker! Some standard office chairs just hurt you in the long run, and just because they work in an office doesn’t mean that the given equipment is ergonomic by any means. A seat cushion can provide proper support and help with back discomfort. This ComfiLife Gel Cushion is a best-seller on Amazon, although there are many choices to check out! 
  • Ergonomic office chair: This is a step up and also a pricier option than the last - but you can’t overlook the benefits of good posture during long work/study hours. 
  • Massage gift certificate: The monetary value you place on this is up to you, of course, just make sure that your friend likes getting massages in the first place! 

Top Gifts For Back Pain

  • Yoga or Pilates, or Back Flexibility Program: A good class to promote movement and stretching can help with back stiffness. Here at Back Muscle Solutions, we offer a sweet Back Flexibility Program worth checking out! This is a mobility program if your friend likes to do these classes out of the comfort of their own home. Additionally, you can expect:
  1. Improved posture
  2. Increased Energy
  3. A new level of flexibility… and more!

The Best Gifts for Lower Back Pain

  • QL Claw: QL stands for Quadratus Lumborum, which is a deep back muscle that is prone to tightness. This awesome tool can also work out kinks in your Gluteus Medius, Piriformis, Psoas, and Iliacus. It unwinds tight muscles in minutes!!!! Buy one here. Also, here is a short video on how to use it to release those tight muscles…

  • Lumbar support pillow: Also another great (and portable) way to support the back no matter what chair you sit in.

Gifts for Back Pain: Budget-Friendly Edition

Here are some budget-friendly options you can try if you don’t want to go breaking the bank on the way to your gift-giving. 

  • Heating pad: These are super accessible and easy to find. They’re awesome to have on hand too if your friend likes to bring it on the go. The warmth can help soothe muscle tension in a pinch. 
  • Foam roller: Granted that their back pain is due to muscle aches and strains, this is a great tool to have on deck for the times they want to do some self-massage and stretching.  

Gift For Lower Back Pain

  • QL Claw: Yes, this complete massage therapy tool covers two categories. Great for lower back pain AND budget-friendly. It’s a win-win. 
  • Accupressure mat: Prices for these can vary but they are very affordable. It is exactly what it sounds like - a mat that you lie on to stimulate your acupressure points! I used to own this ProsourceFit mat and pillow set which did help with circulation and relaxation. Especially working from home, it’s great to take breaks on - whether sitting at the desk or even just lying on the floor for some relief.
  • CBD Pain Relief Salve: This natural solution can help ease back pain with ingredients such as CBD and Arnica. This topical cream has a focused and localized effect on where it is applied! 

CBD Arnica Salve

Gifts for Back Pain FAQ

What is a good gift for a bad back?

Well, first off… know your gift receiver! I am completely biased towards the QL Claw because it’s affordable, efficient, versatile, and portable. These traits alone make it a superb gift, but if you want other options… check out the sections above based on your friend’s needs! 

Another option for possible upper back pain can be the Massage Hook, check out our page reviewing it here.

We also have another review article: LiBa Back and Neck Massager Review if you'd like another option. 

What is the best thing to get for back pain?

The best thing to get for back pain is something that you’d use. Even if a massage gift certificate or a foam roller are great gifts, it won’t do you any good if you don’t use them! What are your barriers to using a gift? 

Me.. I like gifts that are easy to use and that I can do myself. I also like things that are not invasive or require much time. An example of a great thing for me to get would be the CBD salve. 

What presents as lower back pain?

Many conditions can show up as lower back pain. Some of these include:

  • Muscle strain, sprain or trauma
  • Weakening of musculoskeletal parts (i.e. disk herniation)
  • Inflammation (sacroiliitis, arthritis, etc.)
  • Referred pain: pain that originates elsewhere but is felt as pain in another area (i.e. biliary colic, lung disease, etc.)
  • Postural: Long work hours or pregnancy [1] 

An updated publication of StatPearls regarding back pain states, “Studies show that up to 23% of adults worldwide suffer from chronic low back pain, with one-year recurrence rates reaching 24% to 80%. Lifetime back pain prevalence is as high as 84% in adults.” [1] This is an unfortunate statistic so hopefully, the right gift for back pain can indeed go a long way.

What can you do for a friend with back pain?

Aside from giving a thoughtful gift (hopefully this page has helped you find something great) maybe your friend needs someone to listen to their worries and stressors. But, everyone’s needs are different… A good conversation can go a long way, even if it’s a way to help you find some good tidbits of information regarding what it is they really need - a helping hand at home? Someone to go to yoga class with? Or maybe just an awesome massage tool that they have yet to discover…  Good luck with this! 

Gifts for Back Pain: Conclusion

Hopefully, this quick guide has helped you to choose a gift worth giving. Choosing gifts for someone experiencing back pain requires consideration and empathy - as this condition can be especially challenging for some. 

From practical solutions to soothing aids, the options are definitely out there to help others reach their hopefully pain-free state. Remember to select one that meets their needs to show that you care - happy gifting! 


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[1] Casiano, V., Sarwan, G., Dydyk, A., Varacallo, M. Back pain. StatPearls, 2023.

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