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Acemend Back Stretcher Review & QL Claw Comparison

Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews


QL Claw Reviews


If you’re thinking about buying an Acemend Refresh Back Stretcher–but you want to hear from someone who has tried the product–look no further! 

As someone who has experienced chronic lower back pain on and off for years, I’m always open to trying new back devices on the market! 

Today, I’ll share my Acemend back stretcher review after buying and using this back product. 

Then, I’ll explain why I recommend a back massage device that has a bit more versatility in the muscles it can hit, such as the QL Claw. But I’ll also get into the good parts of the Acemend Refresh. 

So by the end of this article, you’ll know whether the Acemend Back Stretcher is a good fit for you–or if there are other products out there that could better fit your back health needs. 


What is the Acemend Refresh Back Stretcher?

Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews


Whether you heard about Acemend from a friend or from Acemend back stretcher reviews–it pays to know the basics. 

Let’s dive in to what this device does and WHO made it! 

Who is Acemend? 

Despite my research, it was difficult to track down a specific founder, owner, or, even a story tied in with this company.

On their website, they explain their mission as: “Bringing health into everyone's life, no matter the age.” 

They sell a variety of other health products: Compression knee sleeve, a back support belt, and compression gloves to name a few! 

What is the Acemend Refresh Back Stretcher? 

The Acemend Refresh is a back and neck stretcher made of ridged foam for acupressure and therapeutic pressure. 

Their premise makes sense to me: Bad posture and our culture of sitting down at computers for hours on end causes major damage to the vertebrae in our spine. This compression of our spinal discs ends up putting tension on nerves in our backs–hence lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, etc. 

We’ve all been there, right? 

From browsing their website (hopefully with good posture!), I learned that this product is designed to relieve chronic pain in your back, neck, and legs–and it helps you with posture and injury prevention as well. 

It does this through: 

- Decompressing the spine and repairing herniated discs

- Massaging muscles through the purposefully-crafted acupressure ridges

The 26-degree angle of the device is also important, as it’s optimally designed to stretch your back and release the tension held in your spine. They don’t totally explain why that’s the case, but it sounds important! 

They also mention some major benefits of using this device, such as: 

- Restoring the natural S-shape of your spine 

- Retraining your back muscles 

- Better sleep

- Less migraines 

This device provides relief for: 

- Neck pain 

- Back pain 

- Sciatica 

- SI joint & hip pain 

- Strains & sprains

- Injury recovery

They also claim a 100% money-back guarantee, which always helps me feel more assured when I buy a product. 


Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews: What People Are Saying

On Acemend’s website, they claim that when you use their back stretcher for just 10 minutes a day, once a day–you’ll feel relief from back pain. In fact, they go further to say that 96% felt better after 1-2 sessions AND totally got rid of their back pain in 7-10 days

I was impressed with their 4.7-star rating based on 22,009 reviews!

I was JUST AS impressed with what the reviews said. 

Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews: 

For example, this review from Stephanie: “I did not expect this device to make such a huge difference to my life - but it absolutely has. I haven't had one single day with a stiff neck - or my usual back pain since I started using this.” 

Or Vivi: “OMG! I've been a nurse forever, helping people while ironically I'm in pain myself. Herniated disc at 32, yes. Real fun. Anyway, I used this for 9 days and did a scan. My bulging discs almost fully retracted into their place and I don't feel a thing anymore! 5/5” 

Pretty impressive stuff from these Acemend back stretcher reviews–all of which made me excited to try this product out! 

I did also have a few concerns about what people were saying in Acemend back stretcher reviews outside of their website. 

For example, when you check out Trust Pilot, their Acemend back stretcher reviews give it a 3.4 rating–which I didn’t find all too reassuring. Especially when I saw lots of the negative reviews complaining about their 100% money-back guarantee not being honored. 

This was further confirmed by the 1-star rating from Acemend back stretcher reviews on Site Jabber–where people complain of a few things: 

- Return shipments must be sent to Germany–not the US. 

- The fee for customers to ship to Germany is potentially more than the product itself.      

- Customers were offered a 20% refund as a substitute for this and NOT a full refund. 

Not so hot. And slightly concerning. 

With this in mind, it made Amazon a safer option for purchasing this product. 


My Acemend Back Stretcher Review Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews

When the Amazon package arrived at my door the next day (gotta love Prime!), it was surprisingly light–thanks to the foam. 

BUT despite how light it was–the foam felt really sturdy–and even on the harder side. Acemend claims that their product is more effective than a soft towel, so not necessarily a bad thing. 

I was a bit disappointed that this thing wasn't adjustable. Other back stretchers come with an adjustable angle, which can help you target specific areas of the back and also adjust the level of intensity based on how much pain you’re in.

How I Used the Acemend Refresh Back Stretcher 

Taking cues from the website, when I used the Acemend Refresh, I placed it right at the base of the back and laid back on it for 10 minutes at a time. 

Here’s What I Noticed When I Used It on My MID Back

Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews
Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews


1) The arch of the Acemend hit right around my ribcage, so it really opened up my ribcage and chest. It felt like a good stretch in my mid-back. 

2) The device was just a bit too long for my torso. I’m 5’ 6”, so it seemed to me like this was made for someone just a bit taller. All the same, I was able to make it work. 

3) I found the process of laying back on the Refresh to be pretty uncomfortable, but on their website, they DO say this is common. 

But as someone who deals with lower back pain from time to time –I actually noticed my lower back felt sore and in pain every time I laid down on the Refresh

This made me nervous that when I got up, I’d actually stay in pain. That said, my back felt fine after each session, and it actually felt stretched and “refreshed” in a good way

4) Overall, however, the discomfort of lying on it outweighed the benefits I felt from the stretch. It just felt too painful on my lower back for me to use repeatedly. 


Here’s What I Noticed When I Used It on My LOWER Back

While I liked the feeling of lying down on the Acemend Refresh, I did have some concerns about whether or not this device could actually help my lower back. 

Following their video instructions for how to use the Acemend Refresh, they recommend: 

1) Sitting on the ground and moving the narrow end of the Acemend Refresh to your back/butt

2) Then, lowering yourself down from there, so the arch hits right at the L2 or L3 vertebrae. 

If you lie down on it like this, the top angle of the Acemend will hit the junction between your thorax and your lower back–basically, your mid back–NOT your lower back. You’ll feel your chest and ribcage open up with this, but that is not decompressing your lumbar spine. 

So, to target your lower back effectively with the Acemend Refresh back stretcher, it's gonna be better to switch up the positioning to help your lower back out. 

To do this: LOWER the Acemend Refresh to be under your lower back–at the L4 or 5 region. The highest point of the Accemend should be in line with your stomach. 

Then, your pelvis will be at the incline–rather than your ribcage–making this better for your lower back. 

Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews
Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews


Sooo…when I tried this position, the Acemend Refresh felt 100% better. 

It actually put some helpful pressure on my lower back, and there was NO discomfort for the entire 10 minutes. 

Did it help me with lower back pain? 

Not necessarily. 

I would say it felt like a good, refreshing stretch–just like with the mid back. 

But I didn’t notice specific lower back muscles feeling less painful after stretching.


Here’s What I Noticed About Getting Into the Stretch 

I also had some concerns about getting into position for using the Acemend Refresh. 

In all of their videos, they show someone placing the device at the base of their spine–then lowering themselves backward onto the back stretcher. 

BUT–if you’ve ever had lower back pain, you know that any kind of motion that puts extra pressure on your lower back hurts like hell! 

Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews


And it’s probably gonna hurt even more when you go to raise yourself back up from this position–AGAIN putting loads of pressure on that lower spine. 

How can we alleviate this? 

1) Lie down first. 

2) Raise up your pelvis in a glute bridge position. 

3) Then, slide the Acemend right under your lower back. 

4) You can repeat this for getting up as well. 

Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews
Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews

So for you lower back pain folks, this is gonna be the best way to get into position. 

My Final Thoughts 

So after all that–would I recommend the Acemend Refresh Back Stretcher to a friend? 

Not exactly. 

While I did feel a good stretch in my back, I would say the lack of versatility, lack of ability to target specific muscles, and the general discomfort that came from using it made this product not ideal for me personally. 

BUT if you’re: 

1) Not in loads of back pain

2) You don’t need to target specific muscles

3) AND you just need a good back stretch…

…the Acemend Refresh could be a good fit for you. It provides a refreshing stretch for your back.   


The Acemend Refresh vs. the QL Claw 

Another back device that's blowing up the market right now is the QL Claw. I’ll shoot straight with you: I think the QL Claw is a much better investment for both your back and your bank account

QL Claw Reviews

And here’s why. 

Made by Back Muscle Solutions, the QL Claw is a back muscle massage device–purposefully designed to provide trigger point massage therapy to the 5 main muscle culprits for lower back pain–right from the comfort of your home. 


Similarities: Acemend Refresh vs. the QL Claw 

1) Both the Acemend Refresh and the QL Claw provide the opportunity to potentially save money as opposed to repeated visits to the chiropractor or physical therapists. 

2) As I mentioned, Acemend recommends lying on the device for about 10 minutes. Back Muscle Solutions provides tons of resources and routines for how to use The QL Claw on their YouTube channel. Most suggested routines take about 10 minutes. 

3) Both the Acemend Refresh and the QL Claw can be used from the comfort of your home

Differences: Acemend Refresh vs. the QL Claw 

The Design 

The Acemend Refresh is NOT designed to hit specific muscles–but rather to stretch and decompress the spine. 

What I like about the QL Claw is that it is designed specifically to hit the 5 main muscles that cause lower back pain. In fact, Back Muscle Solutions has in-depth tutorials on how to use the QL Claw in different positions to hit those different muscles. To me, this versatility far outweighs what the Acemend Refresh offers. 

The acupressure ridges on the Refresh are designed to therapeutically massage your muscles, and I thought they felt pretty cool when I used this thing. 

However, the trigger point of the QL Claw was purposefully made to mimic the elbow of a massage therapist–and that’s actually what it feels like! 


The trigger point on the QL Claw


I’d recommend the trigger point of The Claw over the ridges on the Refresh any day. 

How It Was Made

The creators of Acemend Refresh collabed with a group of chiropractors to make this thing. 

Ben Ayd, the founder of Back Muscle Solutions, collabed with massage therapists (LMTs) and physical therapists (PTs) to craft the QL Claw–ensuring it precisely hits the muscles that consistently contribute to lower back pain.

The QL Claw hits the same areas as a professional masseuse–only right from your home. 

What It Does

The Acemend Refresh is ALL about the back stretch. And as your spine realigns, your muscles should relax and your nerves won’t get pinched. 

It is less focused on specific muscle massage–although it can provide muscle relief as your spine stretches and causes less nerve pinching. 

The QL Claw provides the opportunity to target specific muscles that tend to cause lower back pain, such as: 

- The QL

- The Piriformis 

- The Iliacus 

- The Psoas 

- The Gluteus Medius  

As compared, the Acemend won’t give you the opportunity to target specific muscles, which I find helpful. 

For example, just the other day, I had a sharp pain that I could feel very obviously in my gluteus medius, and the trigger point in the QL Claw did a work on that muscle very quickly! 

You can use the QL Claw on your gluteus medius.

This is something I could not have gotten from just lying on the Acemend Refresh. 

You’ll find the QL Claw is painful to use in the moment–but it feels like the GOOD PAIN of a massage. 



The Acemend Refresh is available on their website for $106, which to me–seems absurd, considering what you get for the thing. 

Meanwhile, the QL Claw can do a lot more, and it’s available for $69.99. 

Shipping & Moneyback Guarantee 

We’ve already talked about the fishy Acemend back stretcher reviews concerning their shipping and money-back guarantee. 

The QL Claw is made in the US, and they have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is honored for all purchases. 


What People Say About the QL Claw 

Ben Ayd founded Back Muscle Solutions after experiencing 4 years of crippling back pain himself. 

Check out Ben’s story here: 

“How To Get Rid Of Back Pain [My Story]”


So, what’s Ben up to now? 

Oh…just changing people’s lives for the better one Claw at a time! 

In fact, check out the story of his neighbor, who revolutionized his whole morning routine and majorly reduced his back pain by using the QL Claw. 

Check out Jim’s story here. 

“Jim's Back Pain Success Story - QL Claw Testimonial & Review”


Check out what other people are saying about the QL Claw here: 

QL Claw Reviews


QL Claw Reviews

You can purchase a QL Claw today by clicking below: 


Acemend Back Stretcher Reviews FAQs

Are back stretcher boards safe?

It always pays to check with your doctor–but many people find that back stretchers provide relief for back pain and allow their spine to lengthen! You can also try out a back massage device, such as the QL Claw. 


What are the benefits of lying on a back stretcher?

I found that the Acemend Refresh provided a good back stretch when I used it, but I did not experience significant changes in my back pain. 


What’s a good alternative to the Acemend Refresh? 

I recommend trying the QL Claw for a good alternative for the Acemend Refresh. It’s a back muscle massage device that targets specific back muscles. 


Is it healthy to stretch spine?

Stretching your back is a great routine to get into–especially after massaging a painful back. 

Check out this helpful video for lower back stretches: 

“3 QL Strengthening Exercises For Bulletproofing The Lower Back”

Or you can check out this article: 

“13 Potent Stretches For Lower Back Pain That Actually Work”

Does hanging decompress your spine?

Dead hanging does decompress the spine! Check out the articles below: 

“Dead Hang: How To, Benefits, Muscles Worked & Variations”

How to Decompress Your Spine | At Home, While Sleeping, By Hanging




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