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    Why Does My Back Hurt When I Lay Down?

    "Why does my back hurt when I lay down" is a regular question many people ask themselves when they experience lower back pain.  Whether it's a dull aching feeling or a sharp pain, laying down should never be a painful experience.  While the pain may feel severe and you may question if you need professional help, there are things you can do on your own to relieve pain and get you feeling more comfortable.  Read on to learn more on why does my back hurt when I lay down.


    Why Does My Back Hurt When I Lay Down? 

    Back pain may seem complex, but in a lot of cases it could be something as simple as stress pain from overuse, muscle strain from a sport, change in sleeping positions or the way you are working out.  Things like improper posture, lifting form, or prolonged sitting can all have an affect on the lower back.  Over time these little habits or injury can build up and cause a world of pain.  In many cases, this will have an effect on your comfort when laying down.


    Why Does My Back Hurt When I Lay Down - What To Do?

    Studies show, increased bed rest will not provide any benefit to back injury, in fact laying down for extended periods of time can further injure the affected area.

    why does my back hurt when I lay down

    When in pain, laying down may feel like the correct thing to do, however, not treating the area initially will only prolong the recovery time.  In the meantime, it is important to stay active and in tune with daily routines.  

    This does not mean if you lift weights go max out on deadlift, but more so be vertical, go on walks, stay loose, and do your best to not let your lower back stiffen up.  Most importantly, do not put your lower back in vulnerable positions.  Be cautions when lifting heavy objects, stretch regularly, and do not do anything that further worsens the pain.


    Why Does My Back Hurt When I Lay Down - QL Muscle

    Tight muscles are the biggest culprit when asking yourself "why does my back hurt when I lay down".   The biggest muscle contributing to lower back pain being the quadratus lumborum muscle.  To learn how to master this muscle and potentially cure your back pain, check out the video below.

    If you do not already have a deep tissue massage tool at home check out the QL Claw below.   The QL Claw is currently the only tool designed specifically for the quadratus lumborum muscle.  If you suffer from tightness and constantly ask yourself "why does my back hurt when I lay down", the QL Claw is just right for you




    Stretching And Strengthening Programs For - Why Does My Back Hurt When I lay Down 

    For more help on why does my back hurt when I lay down, staying mobile through flexibility exercises will potentially help relieve any built up pain and tightness.  Your low back will reward you for learning effective stretching techniques before you build up your muscular mass. I spent a lot of time in the offices of doctors, therapists, and chiropractors, but the exercises and routines this program has to offer is what ultimately helped me to get better relief from my muscle soreness.

    Flexible Back 2.0 - Lower Back Flexibility Program

    Check out my program below if you want to strengthen your lower back using some of the best exercises available to do so. Many aspects of your life will benefit from developing a strong lower back.  Back pain is a disease, and bulletproofing exercises in the program below will help you create a lower back that is immune to any future pain.

    Back of Steel - Lower Back Strengthening Program


    Why does my back hurt when I lay down - back of steel




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