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3 Stretches For Lower Back And Hip Pain Relief FAST

In this post I'm going to share 3 magical, potent stretches for lower back and hip pain relief. There is no question that muscular tightness and tension can contribute to a lot of lower back and hip pain, but it is not commonly known which stretches on can do to relieve this problem. Stayed tuned for the very best 3 stretches for lower back and hip pain relief to finally eliminate unnecessary pressure on the lower back.

3 stretches for lower back and hip pain relief

First Person Experience With Stretches For Lower Back And Hip Pain

Quick backstory on how I came to these conclusions:

I used to be the stiffest person in the room. From ages 18-22 I had incredibly debilitating lower back spasms and back pain, and as a result I became about as flexible as a 2x4. It wasn't until I released tension in my body with QL Claw and opened my mobility with these 3 stretches for lower back and hip pain that I eliminated my pain and became physically free.

stretches for lower back and hip pain

Why Stretches For Lower Back And Hip Pain Work

The key word I want you to drill into your mind for why lower back and hip pain manifest from lack of flexibility is compensation. The lower back and hips do not directly feel pain from poor range of motion, but rather from what happens when you try to do anything. For example: a stiff, immobile person can lay in bed for 7 days straight and not feel pain. However, as soon as that person tries to move their body - shoveling snow, playing with the kids, picking up a sock off the floor, swinging a golf club, etc. - they are in trouble due to lower back compensation for their stiffness.

Compensation means the lower back and hips must take additional, unnecessary pressure in order for the body to perform an otherwise natural function. Here are a few examples illustrating this concept:

  1. When you pick something up off the ground, can your hamstrings and glutes stretch? If not, your lower back must take on more torque and pressure, compensating for the stiffness.
  2. When you reach across the table to grab a dish, can your mid back bend to reach your body towards it? If not, your lower back must bend instead and take on the stiff mid-back's job.
  3. When you sit, are your glutes so tight that your lower back rounds? If yes, the lower back is compensating once again for stiff glutes.

3 Potent Stretches For Lower Back And Hip Pain Relief

Now to the meat of the post: the actual tactics. These are 3 stretches that I used to go from a stiff goat with a lot of pain to a flexible, pain free machine. These are not the only 3 stretches for lower back and hip pain relief out there, but they are your absolute best bet to gain relief fast. Check out this video or the descriptions below to finally get the relief you have been searching for.



1. Elephant Walk - Hamstrings. The Elephant Walk is the single best stretch for gaining length in the hamstring fast and permanently - and I will fight anybody on this. No other movement will isolate the hamstrings and force them into sheer length submission (while under load) like this stretch for lower back and hip pain relief. *Elephant Walk Exercise Article*

2. Pigeon Stretch - Glutes. The Pigeon Stretch is a great way to open up the glute muscles that wrench on the lower back and cause pain. In case you didn't know, glute tightness is one of the biggest contributing factors to direct lower back and hip pain - so open these puppies up every day until you are satisfied with your pain relief.

3. Couch Stretch - Hip Flexors. The Couch Stretch is my favorite hip flexor stretch, and one of the only hip flexor stretches that stretch all hip flexor muscles. Hip flexor tightness is a direct result of excess sitting, so make sure to perform this stretch after a long day of desk work for great lower back and hip pain relief.


If you can't gain flexibility and would like a structured program to open up all of these areas, check out Flexible Back - my stretching program designed specifically to stretch the areas of the body that contribute to lower back pain when tight. Flexible Back is the only flexibility program targeted directly at people with lower back pain and stiffness. Check it out at the link below!


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