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Elephant Walk Exercise for Extreme Hamstring And Back Flexibility

The elephant walk exercise is the best hamstring and posterior chain stretch of all time. There is no movement more potent, stressful, and effective than the elephant walk exercise and here I'm going to show you how to benefit from it.

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elephant walk exercise atg

Elephant Walk Exercise [In Action]

What Is The Elephant Walk Exercise?

Glad you asked. The elephant walk exercise is an advanced hamstring stretch designed to build length quickly and permanently in the posterior chain. It is the most effective hamstring stretch I have ever tried by far.

Why The Elephant Walk Exercise Instead Of Alternatives?

I have yet to find an exercise as straining, targeting, and immediately lengthening as the elephant walk. Unlike a static, common hamstring stretch, the elephant walk exercise places an extreme amount of tension and stress directly on the tight hamstrings - forcing them to lengthen by sheer will.

After 40 reps of the elephant walk exercise done properly, you should notice immediate increased flexibility. After 4-5 sessions of the elephant walk exercise over a few days, you should notice lasting improvement.

How To Perform The Elephant Walk Exercise

This video has all the queues and information you need: 

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Elephant Walk Exercise Queues:

  • Brace the core lightly
  • Shrug the shoulders towards the ears
  • Place your hands or fingers on the ground, or on a surface at the end of your range of motion
  • Floss one leg at a time, leaning your body into each rep
  • Pause for 1 second in the locked out position
  • Repeat for 40 total reps (20 each leg)
elephant walk stretch
Lean Into The Stretch With Each Floss Rep

Elephant Walk Exercise - Low Back Pain?

If you are here because of lower back pain, the elephant walk exercise might be part of your pain relief solution. Back pain can be a complex animal with many facets, and the elephant walk could provide 10%, 30%, or even 70-80% relief.


If you'd like more wholistic solutions to your lower back pain, check out my products below. The 3 tools below are how myself and many other folks have beaten back pain by mastering the muscles in and around our backs.

Flexible Back (Stretching): The complete stretching program and principles for breaking through your stiffness contributing to pain. The elephant walk exercise is one of many tools utilized in this program.


Back Of Steel (Strengthening): The total strengthening regimen for building up every weak point in an underdeveloped back system.


QL Claw (Trigger Point/Massage): The ultimate deep tissue massage tool for targeting the specific muscles that develop tension and contribute to lower back pain. I made this myself after 4 years of brutal back pain and tension, and it was my first key to unlocking the complete pain-free back I carry today.

Now that you've read about the elephant walk exercise, check out our article on best hamstring exercises!

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