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    Gluteus Medius Pain Relief

    Gluteus Medius PAIN can be one of the most debilitating phenomena in the body. The Gluteus Medius muscle is known to cause the gnarly pain pattern below, as discovered by Travell and Simons [1]. Read on to find out how you can find Gluteus Medius pain relief and rid your body of this debilitating problem.

    gluteus medius pain relief

    Gluteus Medius Pain Pattern [1]

    Symptoms Of Gluteus Medius Pain

    Pain caused by the Gluteus Medius muscle can be felt all around the lower back, buttock, tailbone, and outer hips [2]. In addition, a key Gluteus Medius pain symptom can be a tucking of the pelvis backward (posterior pelvic tilt), and a loss of the natural lumber curve of the spine. When Gluteus Medius pain is present it will likely be extremely difficult and painful to lift anything off the ground or stand for extended periods of time.

    The Underlying Cause Of Gluteus Medius Pain

    The vast majority of Gluteus Medius pain is typically caused by trigger points and constant muscle tension. When Gluteus Medius is ridden with constant muscle tension - nerves can be impinged, the pelvis can be pulled out of alignment, and pressure can be placed on the lower back. Before doing any stretches or strengthening exercises for Gluteus Medius pain relief, it is crucial to eliminate the constant muscle tension first.

    Gluteus Medius Pain Relief

    In order to rid the Gluteus Medius muscle of painful trigger points and find relief, you must apply targeted deep tissue massage to the muscle. A deep, soothing deep tissue massage will release Gluteus Medius of its constant muscle tension and allow it to exist as a normal, non-pain-inducing muscle.

    How To Perform Gluteus Medius Release For Pain Relief

    Effective Gluteus Medius release via deep tissue massage can be done by the hands of a trained physical therapist, massage therapist, or physio, or at home with a purposefully made tool like QL Claw. The nice thing about owning a Gluteus Medius release tool like QL Claw is that deep tissue massage can be applied on demand, exactly when and where you need it. In addition, QL Claw was designed to release all 5 muscles that contribute to lower back pain when tight - and Gluteus Medius pain relief is high on that list. Check out QL Claw below!



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