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Gluteus Medius Stretch - What I Wish I knew

Learn how this forgotten muscle could be the root of your back pain.  Use the gluteus medius stretch to potentially cure years of back pain within minutes.


gluteus medius stretch pain pattern

What is the Gluteus Medius?

The gluteus medius is a thick hip abductor muscle that lies deep to the gluteus maximus near pelvic region of the buttock [1].  This muscle is responsible for lateral and external hip movement along with the internal rotation of the thigh.  When left unattended, the gluteus medius can become tight, sending pain into the lower back.  Tightness in the lower back and hips can cause excruciating pain "Gluteus Medius Pain Article" and can affect the way you walk, run, lift, sit and even sleep.  Understanding the importance of an effective gluteus medius stretch can help cure pain and prevent further injury.

An Effective Gluteus Medius Stretch

An effective gluteus medius stretch is a vital step in relieving pain and tension.  A common symptom of a tight gluteus medius muscle is pelvic tucking.  Pelvic tucking is a compensation technique for weak hip muscles that can be cured with an effective gluteus medius stretch.  When using the gluteus medius stretch, you expand those tight muscle fibers that have been left inactive and helpless.

gluteus medius stretch

Gluteus Medius Stretch In Action

Stretching out this tissue will give the muscle more flexibility while relieving built up pain.  Increased hip mobility using the gluteus medius stretch will act as a domino effect, relieving pain and built up tension in the lower back.   

Prepping for an Effective Gluteus Medius Stretch

Another key to an effective gluteus medius stretch is breaking up the tissue beforehand.  Loosening up those tight areas and finding the trigger points "Lower back trigger points article" where the muscle is tightest is key.  This will make for a more productive gluteus medius stretch.

A great tool for this step is the "QL Claw".  This device will find those trigger points and loosen the muscle better than your typical tennis ball or muscle roller would.  It is designed specifically for breaking up tissue and finding those hard to reach trigger points.

QL Claw - Gluteus Medius Stretch Release

Your Gluteus Medius Stretch and Strengthening Guide

To maximize your mobility and relieve pain using an effective gluteus medius stretch, follow the gluteus medius stretch video below.  This video will give you the best and most effective gluteus medius stretching exercises as well as information about this forgotten muscle that could be causing your back pain. 


Post gluteus medius stretch, it is vital you strengthen the muscle.  Strengthening the muscle acts as a bulletproofing step for preventing further injury and pain.  Here is a step by step guide to building up your gluteus medius "glute activation exercise video".

  • Exercise 1: Single leg glute bridge.¬† This is a great¬†exercise for glute activation.¬† Starting on your back, bridge your legs while raising one leg in the air.¬† Push your hips upward while focusing on keeping your body aligned and your glutes tight.¬† Keep constant tension for increased blood flow¬†while maintaining proper form.
  • Exercise 2: Fire hydrants.¬† This exercise will specifically target the gluteus medius.¬† Starting on your hands and knees, raise one leg laterally until you can feel a healthy amount of tension in your hip muscles.¬† Keep a tight core and isolate your gluteus medius muscle for maximum effectiveness.
It is important to remember the 3-step cycle.  Massage, stretch, and strengthen.  Starting with "massage", the most important step by breaking up the tight muscle tissue.  Using the "Ql Claw", this cycle has never been easier.  Save yourself a trip to the chiropractor and relieve your tension today.


[1] Donnelly, Joseph M. Travell, Simons & Simons Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: the Trigger Point Manual. 3rd ed., Wolters Kluwer Health, 2019.

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