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Reverse Hyperextension Machine - The Best Piece Of Equipment Ever?

The reverse hyperextension machine is a rare species of gym equipment. If you are lucky enough to have one of these at your gym or to have one of your own, here are a few reasons I love the reverse hyperextension machine and how you can benefit from it.

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Reverse Hyperextension Exercise On A Reverse Hyperextension Machine


Reverse Hyperextension Machine - What Is It?

The reverse hyperextension machine is a convenient piece of equipment that allows you to perform weighted sets of the reverse hyperextension exercise. The machine consists of a platform to lay on and a weighted pendulum to swing your legs with. The reverse hyperextension machine allows you to add resistance to the simple reverse hyperextension at home, allowing you to make greater strength gains.


Why Use The Reverse Hyperextension Machine?

There are very, very few lower back strengthening exercises that are as safe and effective at targeting the lower back as the reverse hyperextension machine. In order to achieve the same amount of engagement from the lower back, traditionally you would have to perform higher risk movements like RDLs, good mornings, and deadlifts. With the reverse hyperextension machine you can get the same amount of muscle recruitment with a silver of the risk.

I also personally love the reverse hyperextension machine's ability to load the lower spinal erectors in a safe position - one key element of building a bulletproof lower back. If you have not trained your lower back in years due to pain, the reverse hyperextension machine is your best friend for safely reintroducing muscle activation, strength, and engagement to your lower back.


How To Use The Reverse Hyperextension Machine

Before hopping on the reverse hyperextension machine, I would make sure you can do 20 clean, solid, pain-free bodyweight reverse hyperextension reps. Once you pass that test, start by adding 10-25lbs at a time, performing sets of at least 10 reps. I am a fan of keeping the reps around 15 and getting an endurance benefit out of the exercise as well. If you are doing this for lower back pain relief specifically, higher reps will make you more resilient and pain-free long term.


  • Grab the handles and orient the body parallel to the ground
  • Use the glutes and lower back to swing the pendulum weight to parallel
  • Engage the glutes at the top of the rep, like you are pinching them together
  • Slowly lower the weight and continue the reps


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