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QL Walk Exercise - What It Is & A Better Alternative

The QL walk is an interesting exercise - it is a goofy looking movement that is meant to activate and work the QL muscle. Check out the video and description below for a quick guide on the QL walk exercise, why I personally do not like it, and a better alternative you can do.



QL Walk Exercise Description

The QL walk exercise is unique in that in functions in lifting the hip to the ribcage. This is different than most QL exercises that function as a) static isometric movements, or b) side bends contracting the hip closer to the ribcage.

To perform the QL walk exercise, grab a light weight and sit on the ground with straight legs in an "L" shaped position. From here, lift one-side hip up to the ribcage and move that side of the butt (forward if doing a forward QL walk, backward if you doing a backward QL walk). Repeat this on each side until fatigue or discomfort kicks in.


Why I Hate The QL Walk

I am not a fan of the QL walk for 3 main reasons. 1) It only partially contracts the QL muscle and does not allow for full range of motion, 2) it is low in isolation of the QL muscle (does not isolate the muscle well), and 3) the QL walk exercise is uncomfortable and not posture friendly for most folks.

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