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Causes and Treatment for Lower Back Pain Right Side

We all have unhealthy habits that are difficult to shake.  Whether that be a specific way we walk, run, lift, sit or sleep, muscle imbalances can be built up over long periods of time.  Muscle imbalances have a different effect on everyone, and the most common area to experience pain is the low back.  Lower back pain right side is a common place to experience pain.  In this article I will be giving you tips on how can counter muscle imbalance and potentially relieve any pain.

Lower back pain right side 

Lower Back Pain Right Side - Injury:

Lower back pain right side can be caused by injury to the muscle tissue.  Tissue injury through strain or sprain is typically most common in the lower back and can range from mild to severe pain.  Muscle tissue pain can cause feelings of stiffness, aching, and tenderness.  While the injury originates in the low back, it can spread to the buttocks and hip region.  

Lower Back Muscle Strain Symptoms:

Lower back pain right side

Lower Back Muscle Strain Treatment:

  • Cold and heat compress
  • Pain killers (anti-inflammatory medication)
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Stretching exercises
  • Strengthening exercises 
  • Staying active (avoid sitting/laying for extended periods of time)


Lower Back Pain Right Side - QL Muscle Massage:

Lower back pain right side can be unbearable at times.  The Quadratus Lumborum (QL) is the probable culprit for lower back pain right side and managing it correctly will help bring relief to the muscle.  

Quadratus lumborum trigger point release therapy is your best bet to relieve years of built up tension and tightness in the QL muscle.  Using a massage tool such as the QL Claw will assist in breaking up tight areas in the best way possible.  The QL Claw is designed specifically for releasing trigger points and tension in the quadratus lumbrorum.   

Check out my video on the effects of QL Trigger Points and how to eliminate them. (lower back pain right side).



Lower Back Pain Right Side - Stretching:

Aside from massaging the affected area, it's important to stay loose and not let the muscle tighten back up. This can lead to thoracic spinal pain. Staying mobile with flexibility exercises will potentially help relieve your built up pain and tightness.  Proper stretching techniques will have your lower back right side thanking you.  I was down this road multiple times.  I was in and out of doctors, therapists, and chiropractic massage offices and this program below is what ended up relieving my muscle pain in my lower back. 

Flexible Back 2.0 - Lower Back Flexibility Program


Lower Back Pain Right Side - Strengthening: 

Strengthening your lower back right side is a great way to build up your injured muscles while bulletproofing your lower back against any future injuries.  A strong back is a staple in having a strong core and living an overall pain free life.  Below is a program I designed using the most beneficial and effective strengthening exercises for bulletproofing your lower back. 

Back of Steel - Lower Back Strengthening Program




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