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    Thoracic Spinal Pain - Keys To a Pain Free Back

    Sharp pains whenever you lean over? Trouble getting out of bed?  Learn below on how you can cure your thoracic spinal pain by becoming your own chiropractor.

    thoracic spinal pain - gluteus medius

    Finding The Thoracic Spinal Pain

    Back pain for the most part is excruciating, and can affect your every day habits.  Understanding the complexity of back anatomy will help you pinpoint your pain and effectively cure it.  Thoracic spinal pain relief requires reducing inflammation as well as tending to the muscles around the spinal area.  The most common surrounding muscles that produce pain in the spine include: Quadratus Lumborum, Piriformis and Gluteus Medius. 

    Mistreatment of the Piriformis and Gluteus Medius causes tightness in the hips and lower back region.  Whether that be lack of physical activity, improper lifting form, or even something as little as sleeping crooked, people suffer from these symptoms daily and finding the correct health plan doesn't require you to leave your house.

    Understanding the Origin Of Thoracic Spinal Pain

    Muscles like the Piriformis and Gluteus Medius are located towards the base of the spine.  However, when not treated properly, these muscles can be the culprits for thoracic spinal pain.  When tightness occurs in the Piriformis and Gluteus Medius it affects other parts of the back.  Tight hips results in stiff and weak back muscles which can result in thoracic spinal pain.  This cause and effect pattern is repetitive in all kind of back pain, not just thoracic spinal.

    Going back to the root of the problem and fixing the tightness of the Piriformis and Gluteus Medius required for thoracic spinal pain relief, a 3-step process of Massage, Stretch, and Strengthen is key.

    Massage for thoracic spinal pain:

    Breaking down the muscle tissue will be the first and most important step.  In order to improve mobility as well as build up and strengthen this muscle, finding the trigger point of pain and tightness is step #1.  Using a hard ball or tool "QL Claw" to dig into this area is a sure fire way to relieve tension.

      Stretch for thoracic spinal pain: 

      Once the muscle is broken down, stretching takes place.  The Gluteus Medius and Piriformis have plenty of stretches that will result in relieved tension throughout the entire back/spinal region.

      Strengthen for thoracic spinal pain:

      The last step is strengthening the muscle.  Building up the muscle will protect the injured area from becoming damaged in the future.   

      Thoracic Spinal Pain Relief Conclusion

        These tips and insights are just an outline of what goes into curing back pain indefinitely.  Here is a full program to relieving back pain for good - along with the "QL Claw" - the tool that will help relieve all back tension and get you back to 100% ... Check out how to use it below:




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