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The Best Iliacus Release Tool - Not What You Think!

Iliacus release can be huge for patients with lower back pain. Finding the right tool for Iliacus release can single handedly relieve pressure on the low back and straighten the pelvis into alignment. Read on to learn about Iliacus release and the best Iliacus release tool on the web today.

Iliacus Release Tool

The Best Iliacus Release Tool QL Claw


Why Is Iliacus Release Important?

Iliacus Anatomy:

The Iliacus muscle is a hip flexor on the front of the body. Iliacus connects from the top of the hip to the top of the femur, which allows it to powerfully bring the knee to the chest in hip flexion. Iliacus is right next to the Psoas hip flexor, which is nearly identical to Iliacus in function and pain pattern.

Iliacus Muscle Release

Iliacus Muscle

Iliacus Function:

As a hip flexor muscle, Iliacus functions in flexing the hip - as in lifting the knee to the chest. Iliacus can also function when performing sit-ups if the abdominals are not working properly. Iliacus tends to get very short and tight from sitting in chairs. It is a little known fact that the invention of chairs triggered a worldwide phenomenon of Iliacus tightness and pain.

Iliacus Pain:

Iliacus-induced pain can be very painful, and this pain is the main reason finding the right Iliacus release tool is so beneficial. The image below illustrates the Iliacus pain pattern as denoted by Travell & Simons - the trigger point therapy pioneers [1]. The bright red in the image shows pain caused by one Iliacus muscle, although generally both muscles are tight together and cause pain on both sides of the body.

Iliacus Release Pain

Iliacus Muscle Referred Pain Pattern [1]

Iliacus Release:

Iliacus release is a great defense against Iliacus muscle pain. Effective Iliacus release will break up all tightness, knots, and trigger points that are contributing to Iliacus pain. Iliacus release can be done with the hands of a physical or massage therapist, or at home with an Iliacus release tool like QL Claw.


Iliacus Release Tools

Iliacus Release Tool Landscape:

There are many lower back pain relief products on the market that claim to release the Iliacus. Iliacus release tools can be very therapeutic because the Iliacus muscle can be difficult to access with traditional massage tools. There are tools designed to solely target the Iliacus muscle, and there are also tools designed to do a whole lot more.

The Most Versatile Iliacus Release Tool:

QL Claw is the most versatile Iliacus release tool because it has carryover to many other muscles, and it is not limited to Iliacus release. QL Claw was designed to release all 5 muscles that contribute to lower back pain - QL, Psoas, Iliacus, Gluteus Medius, & Piriformis. QL Claw excels at releasing those 5 muscles and more.

Iliacus Release Tool QL Claw

Iliacus Release Using QL Claw


Iliacus Release Tool - How To Use

Iliacus release is super easy using QL Claw - you just lay on it! Locate the Iliacus muscle on the inside face of the hip bone, feeling for tender muscle. Once located, put the trigger (the small portion) of the QL Claw right on that muscle. Check out the Iliacus release tutorial page for a more in depth written walkthrough with images!


[1] Donnelly, Joseph M. Travell, Simons & Simons Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: the Trigger Point Manual. 3rd ed., Wolters Kluwer Health, 2019.

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