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Hip Hook Vs. QL Claw Review - A Muscle Release Tool Showdown

In a marketplace saturated with massage therapy tools, it can be difficult to decide which product to use for your muscle pain needs. Two emerging products - the Hip Hook and QL Claw, are designed to release specific muscles that contribute to low back and hip pain when tight. Here we are going to analyze the pros and cons of each so you can make a decision on which tool best serves your needs. 


Hip Hook vs. QL Claw - The Muscles

Hip Hook and QL Claw can both provide value tremendous value in pain relief by releasing specific muscles that contribute to pain when tight. Both products take into account modern stresses - like sitting in chairs - that build up tension and tightness in predictable areas of the body.

Hip Hook claims to release the tension in the two major hip flexor muscles - the Psoas and Iliacus. Both muscles get tight from excess sitting and can contribute to a host of low back and hip flexor pain when ridden with knots, trigger points, and tightness. Hip Hook's reviews show a very effective release of the Iliacus muscle, but its Psoas release effectiveness is questionable. In addition, this product does not have muscle release capabilities to any other back pain-inducing muscles, or any other muscles on the body.

Hip Hook Review Reddit
Hip Hook Product

QL Claw claims to release all 5 muscles that contribute to a host of low back pain when tight - Quadratus Lumborum (QL), Psoas, Iliacus, Gluteus Medius, and Piriformis. Unlike other products on the market, QL Claw claims to be the first holistic product with the ability to release all muscles that can contribute to low back pain when tight. In terms of its effectiveness, QL Claw is unmatched in its ability to release all 5 muscles. In addition, QL Claw has the ability to release other high-strung muscles in the body, including TFL, pectorals, and mid-back.

Hip Hook Review Against QL Claw

QL Claw Product


In summary:

Hip Hook vs. QL Claw Review


Hip Hook vs. QL Claw - Price

When it comes to comparing the Hip Hook and QL Claw muscle release tools, the price can't be ignored. At the time of this writing, QL Claw is sold for $69.99, while Hip Hook rings in at a staggering $179.99. For less than the price of one Hip Hook, you can buy a QL Claw for yourself and a loved one.


Hip Hook vs. QL Claw - Durability

When it comes to durability, QL Claw is second to none. Its therapeutically sweet material is solid, yet forgiving. QL Claw has no risk of breaking or sheering and harming its user. Hip Hook is also durable, although with more parts. Both products will effectively massage and hold up for their intended functions.


Learn more about QL Claw at the link below!





Final Hip Hook Review vs. QL Claw

Ultimately, both the Hip Hook and QL Claw massage tools were made well and relieve myofascial pain. Each tool will release muscles and do the job it is advertised to do. Your final decision may come down to price, versatility, personal muscle condition, or another external factor - and it is important to be aware of what you are paying for prior to purchase. Hope this Hip Hook vs. QL Claw review was helpful, read more about muscles and back pain relief with these pages next!


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