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Gluteus Minimus Exercises - Top Exercises For Gluteus Minimus

Whether you are looking for physical performance, back pain relief, or an aesthetic rear-end Gluteus Minimus exercises can fit right into your routine. Read on to learn about the small yet powerful Gluteus Minimus muscle and how to exercise it to your advantage.


What Are Gluteus Minimus Exercises?

Gluteus Minimus exercises build strength, size, and endurance in the deep Gluteus Minimus muscle. Gluteus Minimus is the smallest of the gluteal muscles, and it lies underneath its similar counterpart Gluteus Medius [1].

Gluteus Minimus functions primarily in hip abduction, as well as in pelvic support while standing on one leg. Gluteus Minimus is exercised intensely during sports and activities that require lateral movement - especially basketball, tennis, and football.

gluteus minimus muscle exercises

Gluteus Minimus Muscle


Why Gluteus Minimus Exercises?

There are 3 reasons you need to include Gluteus Minimus exercises in your routine. I am not here to tell you any one motivation is better than the next, but here are 3 reasons to kick your butt (the Gluteus Minimus portion of course) into gear:

1 - Function: Gluteus Minimus strength and power will make you a more explosive and stable athlete. Gluteus Minimus exercises work the same muscles you need to run fast, lift heavy, and jump high - as well as the muscles that keep you strong and stable to withstand resistance.

2 - Lower Back Pain Relief: If your Gluteus Minimus muscles are not working properly, your poor lower back muscles including the QL muscle and spinal erectors are forced to take up the slack. Exercise Gluteus Minimus to avoid the gnarly Gluteus Minimus pain pattern.

3 - Aesthetics: Gluteus Minimus exercises will not only build strength and size in the Gluteus Minimus muscle but also engage surrounding gluteal muscles that give your rear end an attractive look.


Gluteus Minimus Exercises - Top Exercises

Gluteus Minimus Exercise 1: Lateral Band Walk

In my humble opinion, the lateral band walk is the single best Gluteus Minimus exercise on Earth. The lateral band walk utilizes both major functions of Gluteus Minimus: 1) hip abduction, and 2) standing on one leg. Perform the lateral band walk in sets of 15-25 steps going in each direction for a nice Gluteus Minimus pump.

gluteus minimus exercise lateral band walk


Gluteus Minimus Exercise 2: Lying Hip Abduction

The lying hip abduction is a great Gluteus Minimus isolation exercise. Unlike the lateral band walk, the lying hip abduction is low-stress and highly isolating of Gluteus Minimus.

gluteus minimus exercise hip abduction


Additional Gluteus Minimus exercises (without visuals) include the following: 

Gluteus Minimus Exercise 3: Banded Clamshell

Gluteus Minimus Exercise 4: Single-Leg Deadlift

Gluteus Minimus Exercise 5: Fire Hydrant


Gluteus Minimus Exercises & Pain

Gluteus Minimus exercises are great for building strength, resilience, and endurance in the Gluteus Minimus muscle. However, if you need a deeper approach to tackling Gluteus Minimus trigger points and the deep, aching pain they can bring - check out QL Claw. QL Claw is the tool I designed to release tension in Gluteus Minimus as well as the other big muscles that contribute to lower back pain when tight.


QL Claw (Trigger Point/Massage): The ultimate deep tissue massage tool for targeting the specific muscles that develop tension and contribute to lower back pain. I made this myself after 4 years of brutal back pain and tension, and it was my first key to unlocking the complete pain-free back I carry today.



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[2] Davies, Clair, and Amber Davies. The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief. 3rd ed., New Harbinger Publications, Inc., 2013.

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