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Gluteus Minimus Trigger Points | Pain, Symptoms, and Finding Relief

The Gluteus Minimus muscle is a deep little upper butt muscle with the potential to completely ruin your lower back and buttock region. Trigger points and tension in Gluteus Minimus can make simple activities (especially walking) extremely painful. Read on to determine if Gluteus Minimus trigger points are a source of your pain and what you can do to fix them.

gluteus minimus trigger points pain pattern

Gluteus Minimus Trigger Point Referred Pain Pattern [1]


Gluteus Minimus Trigger Points - Anatomy & Function

Gluteus Minimus is the smallest of the Gluteal muscles, lying underneath its similar counterpart Gluteus Medius [2]. Gluteus Minimus functions similarly to Gluteus Medius, primarily in hip abduction and pelvic support while standing on one leg [1]. The Gluteus Minimus function of supporting the body while standing it on one leg makes it very active during walking and running.

gluteus minimus trigger points muscle anatomy

Gluteus Minimus Muscle 

Running, walking, and lateral side-to-side movements all require work out of Gluteus Minimus. If Gluteus Minimus lacks strength and endurance, it is susceptible to developing trigger points and tension as a result of these activities performed at a high volume.


Gluteus Minimus Trigger Points Pain Pattern & Symptoms

The pain pattern presented by Gluteus Minimus trigger points tends to be quite consistent and predictable. It can be described as a deep, dull, achy buttock pain that spreads down the leg at its worst [2]. Gluteus Minimus trigger points should be high on the list to treat buttock and lower back pain, although it can be difficult to isolate as its symptoms can be consistent with trigger point pain patterns of the Quadratus Lumborum and Piriformis (among others) as well [2].

gluteus minimus trigger points referral pattern

Gluteus Minimus Muscle & Trigger Point Pain Pattern [1]

Symptoms of Gluteus Minimus trigger points can also include the following:

  • The pain pattern above triggered by standing, walking, or doing anything on the feet [2]
  • Pain standing up or lifting off the ground
  • Sciatic pain symptoms down the leg [1]
  • Difficulty standing on one leg
  • High tension and stiffness in the Gluteal muscles


Gluteus Minimus Trigger Point Pain Relief

The most effective way to relieve Gluteus Minimus trigger points is through physical deep tissue massage. This can be done by the hands of a physical or massage therapist, or at home with a purposefully made tool like QL Claw. QL Claw is the most precise and soothing Gluteus Minimus release tool by far, and it is also versatile with carryover to the other big muscles that can contribute to low back and hip pain when tight. Check out the Gluteus Medius release tutorials on how to get the most out of working out your Gluteus Minimus trigger points.


After the thorough release of your Gluteus Minimus trigger points, it can be very beneficial to stretch and strengthen the muscle to prevent recurring trigger points and to add a level of performance to your body. This video below shows the full 3 steps to Gluteus Minimus trigger point pain relief (massage, stretch, strengthen) in order:





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