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Daily Workout For Back Of Steel

Back pain is the worst. I've broken bones, been stitched up, and had numerous concussions - and none of it came close in misery to my 4 year stint with lower back pain. In this post I'm going to highlight the vital element of building strength and a back of steel to live a high functioning, pain free life.

workout for back of steel

Why Workout For A Back Of Steel?

Taking up a daily workout for a back of steel is a straight ticket to resilience and durability. If you're in back pain right now - how nice would it be to not have to walk on eggshells, to pick up anything you want, and to participate in any activity without a thought towards your lower back?

There is no way around performing a workout for the back of steel you dream of if you are in pain right now. You need to build strength to be resilient.

But I'm Already Strong, Do I Need To Workout For My Back?

Yes. It is possible to be very strong and still lack strength and endurance in specific muscles that make or break your lower back health. Take it from me - at the time of my back pain I was squatting 1.5xBW, deadlifting 2xBW, and lifting my upper body like a madman - but I was screaming in pain on the inside. The problem wasn't my overall strength, but rather a few areas of extreme tension and weakness that I never gave a thought to.

How Do I Workout For A Back Of Steel?

Glad you asked. After 4 years of debilitating back pain I cracked the code on an easy system to build the bulletproof back you've always dreamed of. The program isn't sexy, crazy movements - but rather intentional, targeted exercises designed solely to build up every muscle contributing to the lower back. This program - Back Of Steel - exposes any lagging or weak areas in your body that could be contributing to your relapsing lower back. Check it out at the link below!



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