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Don't Be Cheeky! Learn the Benefits of Butt Massage

Our glute muscles play an essential role in various movements from walking and running to getting up from our chairs and climbing the stairs. Without them, we literally wouldn’t be able to get anywhere! 

With the gluteus maximus being part of the butt, it is dubbed the strongest and biggest muscle in the body. As with most muscles, it can be prone to injury or dysfunction - leaving it out of the equation when considering massage! 

Whether you’re extremely active or lean towards sedentary, proper recovery and a good butt massage can certainly help you function more optimally. On this page we will review some basic anatomy, benefits and techniques used for butt massage. 

Butt Massage: Muscles of the Buttocks 

The muscles of the butt are altogether known as the gluteal muscles. These include:

  1. Gluteus maximus
  2. Gluteus medius
  3. Gluteus minimus

and also…

  1.   Tensor fasciae latae

Gluteus Maximus

gluteus maximus for butt massage


Gluteus maximus is mostly responsible for hip extension - moving the thigh backward from a flexed position. Think of when you’re standing up from a seated position or straightening your body from a bent over position. It also helps with rotating sideways. 

Other roles include helping to stabilize the pelvis and spine during lower body actions such as running or walking! Another fun fact is that this muscle is the one that gives your booty its shape because it is the most superficial! 

Gluteus Medius 

gluteus medius for butt massage


This muscle lies between the maximus and minimus and also plays a role in walking, running, and hip abduction (moving your thigh away from the middle of your body). Other responsibilities include maintaining balance and posture - through proper alignment of the pelvis and the lower body. 

Gluteus Minimus

gluteus minimus for butt massage

The smallest of the three muscles (hence its name), this one is also involved in pelvis stabilization along with medial rotation and abduction (moving away from the body) of the lower limb. 

Tensor Fasciae Latae

TLF for butt massage

The tensor fasciae latae works synergistically with the gluteus medius and minimus to provide movement and stabilization of the knee and hip. It also works with the gluteus maximus through the IT band to perform hip abduction movements. Most importantly, it’s main function is to assist in walking. 

Benefits of a Good Butt Massage

As noted in our little anatomy lesson, the glute muscles are very busy. So, just as with most muscles, getting a massage can bring some positive effects.

In a systematic review published in BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine, the findings of massage on athletes are that it can help reduce or prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) while also helping to improve flexibility. 

In case you missed our articles on trigger point massage and myofascial release, it’s key information to know that muscles are prone to trigger points (knots). Another study revealed that “deep transverse friction massage is better choice of treatment in improving pain threshold in subjects with gluteus medius trigger point.” [2] 

A conclusion was also made in an article published in the International Journal of Exercise Science in which they stated, “Massage can be beneficial for individuals in such states as it may reduce discomfort after a strenuous workout or activity.” [3] 

It is also noted that having trigger points in your quadratus lumborum and gluteus medius contribute to low back pain - and we definitely don’t want that! 

Other common benefits of overall massage include:

  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved circulation
  • Relaxation
  • Muscle recovery

    Techniques Used for Butt Massage

    When it comes to butt massage, it’s not common for your butt to be included in a typical massage session. This is not to say it cannot be done or found in some places. 

    Buttock/glute massage can be done by a masseuse or physical therapist - the particular area of pain may have to be pointed out, however, so they know what area to focus on. 

    Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, sports massage and even trigger point massage are some of the types that can be used. You can also employ a foam roller or the QL Claw if you have one. 

    When it comes to a massage routine, broad strokes can be done with the forearm and fists, while more firm pressure can be applied with the elbows. Effleurage is especially relaxing, as it involves long, sweeping strokes with moderate pressure. 

    Other techniques also include:

    • Petrissage: kneading or squeezing
    • Compression: a gentle pressure is applied
    • Circular friction
    • Stretching

        How to Use the QL Claw for a Butt Massage

        If you have a QL Claw, you ought to know that you can do a deep glute release

        The deeper glute muscles (Gluteus Medius, Gluteus minimus and Piriformis) are at risk for trigger points because of prolonged sitting or if you’re overdoing it with exercise/activity. 

        gluteus medius release with QL Claw for butt massage

        Also, check out this page specifically on gluteus medius release. If you suffer from lower back or glute pain, this page provides an in-depth tutorial on proper QL Claw placement to get that sweet trigger point release you’ve been looking for! 

        How to Give Your Partner an Awesome Butt Massage

        You can use this section as a general guide on how to give your partner a relaxing butt massage. These steps don’t have to be limited to a glute-focused session, of course. Try them out with a full-body and you’ll be in business - your partner will thank you!

        1. Set the mood - Try doing things as they would in a massage spa. Some things you can try include dim lighting, relaxing music, massage oils or lotion! We also have a CBD salve that you can incorporate into your session. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce pain as well.
        CBD salve for butt massage
        1. Try different types of strokes - Long broad strokes, circular motions, or applying pressure with fists and elbows can help you get down to deeper tissues.
        2. Find areas of tension - The glutes can carry tension, remember how much we use them! Finding knots or tense areas can be uncomfortable for them at first so gradually increase pressure if possible to get those kinks out! Check out our page on trigger point massage for more info! 

        Butt Massage Precautions

        There are some things to consider when doing massage and this does not only apply to the derriere. Some of these include:

        • Stop if there is pain
        • Steer clear of wounds or surgical sites
        • Avoid joints or the spinal column
        • Stay away from inflamed areas such as those with bruises or rashes. 

        Read more on which body region should be avoided during myofascial release techniques.

        My Experience with Butt Massage

        My last massage was a deep-tissue massage. Once the massage therapist moved on to my hamstrings they surprisingly did a brief massage on my glute muscles. Although I was comfortable with this, I was shocked at how tense I was in this area! 

        I was once told by a previous therapist that if you’re feeling ticklish when being massaged in a particular area it means you have tension there! According to Suzan Walker, LMT, CR, LDT at, “Tension in tight muscles and restrictions in fascia may cause a ticklish sensation when you receive a massage.” 

        Once I learned about this, I realized that tension does not always feel like a knot or simple tightness in the muscle. Tight muscles can also manifest as:

        • Ticklishness
        • Pain
        • Tenderness
        • Numbness

        After a few deep kneading motions on my glutes, I was no longer ticklish and the overall session was very relaxing. Now I try to keep in mind where I’m ticklish during a massage and I wouldn’t hesitate to go for this type of massage again.

        Butt Massage FAQ

        How do you ask for a glute massage?

        Simply ask for a glute massage during the session so your therapist understands your needs! Your masseuse and physical therapist are professionals - your glutes are muscles that ought to be brought to attention if necessary.

        Does Swedish massage include buttocks?

        In traditional Swedish massage, the buttocks are not usually included. Most massage therapists can include it if it’s requested by the client. 

        Clear communication of your preferences will help make your session more enjoyable - this includes areas you want them to focus on and also how much pressure you’d like them to use.

        What are the benefits of hip massage?

        Hip massage has several benefits. These include:

        • Improved range of motion
        • Better flexibility
        • Less muscle tension
        • Less pain
        • Improved circulation
        • Relaxation

        It’s helpful to know that if you have trigger points in your glutes - if you do, you can experience referred pain in your lower back or hips. Finding the correct trigger point and releasing it can help you achieve pain relief in your hips.

        What are the parts of the buttocks?

        You’ll find the answer to this in the first section of this page.

        Butt Massage: Conclusion

        We’ve established that the glute muscles are not only the largest in the body but can hold tension or have trigger points (like any other muscle). Because they are always being used, a good butt massage can certainly improve your well-being and function in daily activities.

        Finally, remember you can simply ask your massage therapist for a glute massage! They are trained professionals who can help you relieve any discomfort here. Better yet, you can get yourself a QL Claw here


        [1] Davis, H., Alabed, S., Chico, T. Effect of sports massage on performance and recoveryL a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine, 2020.

        [2] Doley, M., Warikoo, D., Arunmoshi, R. Effect of positional release therapy and deep transverse friction massage on gluteus medius trigger point - a comparative study. Journal of Exercise Science and Physiotherapy, 2013. 

        [3] Holub, C., Smith, J. Effect of swedish massage on DOMS after strenuous exercise. International Journal of Exercise Science, 2017. 

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