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QL Claw™ - Lower Back Muscle Release Device | Back & Hip Massager

Release muscles, relieve pain with the complete massage therapy tool for lower back pain. We designed QL Claw to massage every muscle that can contribute to lower back pain when tight. Release your muscles and own your pain today!

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About the product

Why QL Claw? We built QL Claw to be the complete muscle release tool for lower back pain. Our founder suffered 4 years of crippling back pain and needed QL Claw - a tool that releases all muscles in the lower back, hips, and glutes that cause lower back pain. As a biomedical engineer (with the help of PTs), he set out to create the best massage tool for back pain - and the QL Claw was born. 


  • 1.8 lbs and 10x3x3 inches of pure muscle-releasing fury
  • Material / Ingredients: Rubber / Polyurethane derivative
  • Portable, On The Go Muscle Release
  • 30 Day Return Policy From Day Of Sale

Included With Purchase:

  • The Therapeutic Massage Tool QL Claw
  • Informative Pamphlet + Pain Location Chart
  • Free Muscle Release Content (See "How To Use" Tab)
  • Concise, Valuable YouTube Video Tutorials For Getting The Most Out Of Your Claw

At a solid 1.8 pounds, the QL Claw is not for the massage intolerant. It is softer than a hard plastic, but stiffer than a delicate foam. The Claw provides a deep, therapeutically scrumptious massage for the muscles that require it. 

Born and Made in the USA. By buying from QL Claw, you support good ole fashioned, ethical American manufacturing and jobs. 

U.S. Delivery In 3-7 Days. *Except Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico*. If you do not receive your Claw within 10 days of purchase, contact

If you have any questions email! - Seriously email us. We love helping people on their pain relief journeys.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is the Claw made of?

The Claw is made of polyurethane rubber in the United States. Unlike tools made of cheap overseas plastic, the Claw is dense, firm but forgiving, and ideal for massage.

How much time should I belaying on any given muscle area?

For any area you want to massage, hold the Claw on that spot for 60-90 seconds. You shouldn’t stay on the same spot longer than 120 seconds to avoid discomfort.

How do I know where to place the Claw?

Check out the "Tutorials" tab now, or wait until we send instructions with post-purchase emails and pamphlets.

When should I use the QL Claw?

Anytime you feel tense! Before you go to bed, when you wake up, before and/or after your workout. 

What is included with purchase?

  • The Therapeutic Massage Tool QL Claw
  • Informative Pamphlets
  • Post-purchase Email Tutorials (Also See "Tutorials" Tab)
  • Concise, Valuable YouTube Video Tutorials For Getting The Most Out Of Your Claw

What is the "refurbished" promo?

The refurbished discount allows you to buy a discounted used or manufacturer impurity Claw. Enjoy the same (less aesthetic) lower back relief for less!

What are your Delivery Times?

Average U.S. delivery is 4 business days. Guaranteed U.S Delivery within 10 days of ordering - *Except Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico*. If you do not receive your Claw within 10 days of purchase you will be 100% refunded.

What is the Shipping & Return policy?

We ship within 1-2 business days of ordering from St. Paul, MN. If the Claw doesn't work for you, coordinate a return & refund within 30 days by emailing

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