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Back Cracker Device Feels So Good! Back Cracker Board

The back cracker board has recently taken the internet by storm.  From Instagram to tik tok, the back cracker board has been gaining attention through videos of people cracking their backs on the one and only back cracker board.  With an emphasis on asmr, the back-cracking videos give the viewer a feeling of satisfaction that they cannot get enough of.  Cracking one's back is a rewarding feeling and may give temporary relief, but is it truly the key to solving back pain? In this article, I will be giving my knowledge on whether or not the back cracker device is a constructive tool and a smart purchase. 


back cracker device - QL Claw


Back Cracker Board - Functionality:

The TikTok back cracker board has one function and that is strictly to crack your back.  The back cracker board has 3 adjustable settings but ultimately you get the same result.  What catches the eye when looking at the back cracker board is the spine protector in the middle and the spikes on the side.  The spine protector piece along the middle of the back cracker device is put in place to decompress and elongate the spine simultaneously. If your goal is to elongate your spine, the back cracker device is a logical option. (Also read on how to pop your lower back and how to decompress your spine.) However, the same stretch can be achieved by using a foam roller, a pair of pillows, or any item resembling the shape of the back cracker device, capable of supporting and elevating your lower back comfortably.

back cracker device - QL Claw

Back Cracker Board - Effectiveness:

Back pain is one of the most common issues seen by physical therapists.  The lower back is a complex area of the body with many muscles that contribute to its function and pain patterns.  When lower back pain arises, it is typically the surrounding spinal muscles that are affected.  This has an impact on the spine itself, but does not mean the spine needs to be examined.  As for the back cracker device, the function and effectiveness do not hold much to any use for curing low back pain.  If you were to strain your wrist, would cracking the joint relieve the pain? The same goes for the lower back.  More steps need to be taken in the pain relief process if you want real results.


Back Cracker Board - Replacement:

There are a lot of physical therapy tools to choose from when it comes to lower back pain.  Similar to the back cracker device, many therapy tools concentrate on temporary relief through spinal attention.  It is difficult to find a tool that will actually relieve real pain and improve mobility in your lower back.  I suffered from excruciating back pain for years and what helped me was not a cracking device like the back cracker board.  What cured my pain was deep tissue muscle massage.  It helped me so much that I even created a personalized tool called the "QL Claw", specifically used for relieving tension and loosening up tight muscle fibers. Check out the video below where I break it down further.



Back Cracker Device vs. QL Claw:

When choosing between the back cracker device and the QL Claw, you are choosing between temporary pleasure and real results. The back cracker device is a mass-produced product marketed for instant gratification and the short-term pleasure of a back crack.  The QL Claw has been designed to help fix the root of the problem by relieving back pain through deep-tissue muscle massage. Check out our Testimonial Page and read from our satisfied athletes and trainers.  

Watch this video of the TikTok back cracker device being used. Does this sound natural? Sounds a lot like bubble wrap popping to me.  

*Video Has Been Removed* (10/31/23)


The back cracker board is no more than a smart marketing tool that appeals to the asmr satisfaction aspect and not the function behind it.

With more and more satisfied customers by the day, the QL Claw is giving real lower back pain relief while the back cracker board is using phony videos that are misleading consumers into buying their cheap product.  Rid your lower back of pain and give the QL Claw a try, you'd be surprised!



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