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QL Claw Origin

The QL Claw muscle release tool was created to fill a need for a better massage therapy device. Our founder suffered 4 years of crippling back pain, and was disappointed with the lack of product to fill his need - a versatile tool that offers deep tissue massage for low back, hip, and glute muscles. He set out to scratch his itch and make a better product, and QL Claw was born.

QL Claw was founded on two simple criteria: 1) Design the best Quadratus Lumborum muscle release tool, and 2) Carry over the muscle release aspect to as many other muscles as possible. We achieved this with our unique design and material, which is an optimal combination for therapeutic release of the specific muscles that cause low back and hip pain. QL Claw is Patent pending - only available at!


 Our Team:

ben ayd back muscle solutions

Ben Ayd - Founder & CEO


jake back muscle solutions

Jake Anderson - Head Of Customer Support


robby back muscle solutions

Robby Matthew - Order Fulfillment Specialist


gus back muscle solutions

Gus Hensley - Analytics Consultant



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