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Self Piriformis Release - How To At Home!

For centuries, effective self Piriformis release was limited to the hands of a trained physical or massage therapist. Welcome to 2022, where you can perform self Piriformis release whenever, and wherever you like with just one tool and one stretch. Follow along to see how you can benefit from self Piriformis release and relieve that nagging butt pain caused by Piriformis muscle.

self piriformis release pain pattern

Piriformis Muscle Referred Pain Pattern [1]


Self Piriformis Release - Step 1

There are two steps to self Piriformis release, and it is crucial that they are done in sequential order. The first step is to break up all of the tension, knots, and trigger points in the Piriformis muscle. The reason behind this step of self Piriformis release is to eliminate the constant tension in the muscle that is currently wrenching on joints, impinging nerves, and causing pain.

self piriformis release anatomy
Piriformis Muscle
Step 1 is all about breaking up and smashing tissue with massage. This step may require a little discomfort and effort, but it will be well worth it on the other side.
In order to perform self Piriformis release step 1, you will need the right tool for the job. You can try your luck with a tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or household object, but the best Piriformis release tool out there is QL Claw.
Piriformis Release Tool
Self Piriformis Release Using QL Claw
This video tutorial illustrates how to perform self Piriformis release with the QL Claw tool, as well as how to stretch the Piriformis muscle in the next step:



Self Piriformis Release - Step 2

Step 2 of self Piriformis release can be done anywhere, anytime - no equipment or tools required. To perform Piriformis release step 2, all you need to do is stretch the Piriformis muscle as shown in the image below. It is very important that you perform step 2 after step 1, because many tight Piriformis muscles have trigger points and knots that can't be stretched. 

Piriformis release stretch

Piriformis Stretch [2]

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