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Reverse Hyper - The BEST Low Back Exercise You Aren't Doing

When dealing with back pain, it can tend to be the only thing on your mind.  Similar to being under the weather, back pain can almost put a halt on life until it is cured.  A sure fire way to help deal with low back pain is through strengthening. Strengthening the low back along with the surrounding posterior muscles (low back, hamstrings, glutes) will act as a defense layer to soreness and pain.  With so many muscles in the posterior chain it can be difficult choosing the correct exercises to strengthen all of them...  Until now!!!  The reverse hyper is THE go to exercise designed specifically for attacking and strengthening the posterior chain.  In this article I will be teaching you the benefits of the reverse hyper, a how to guide, and more tips for improving low back health.


 Reverse Hyper


Benefits Of The Reverse Hyper:

The reason why the reverse hyper is so powerful is that it targets muscles that are typically left dormant, weak, and underutilized. 

Other than the muscles in the low back and hamstrings, muscles in the glutes such as the Gluteus Medius and Piriformis get neglected when treating the low back.  When left unattended glute muscles often become tight and weak which can result in a great deal of low back pain. 

Reverse Hyper

 However, when it comes to the reverse hyper, the glutes play a large role in the movement of the exercise (specifically towards the top of the movement).  Strengthening the glute muscles has a direct affect on the low back.  When glute muscles are left tight and weak, this can have a direct affect on balance, posture, and even nerves linked to the low back.  That is why strengthening glute muscles is so important.  Being able to work the low back, hamstrings, and glutes is the beauty of the reverse hyper.  Most back exercises (such as the deadlift) will leave you nursing your back with every rep.  The reverse hyper exercise is a safe and easy way to work these muscles without the risk of injury and the total body stress. 


How To Reverse Hyper:

The reverse hyper provides a low isolation that you will get from no other exercise.  Below is a video and some tips on how to correctly complete the reverse hyper exercise.

  • When at the top of the reverse hyper, contract hard while squeezing the glute muscles (most important part of the movement).
  • Do not have uncontrolled extension!! Keep sturdy upper body (hold of for stability)
  • Focus only on extending at the hips during reverse hyper (try not to arch the back, keep hips in line with back)



More Low Back Relief:

Keeping mobility in the low back and overall posterior chain is just as important as strengthening it.  Staying mobile through flexibility exercises will potentially help relieve any built up pain and tightness.  Learning proper stretching techniques before you strengthen your muscles will have your low back thanking you.  I have been down this road multiple times.  I was in and out of doctors, therapists, and chiropractors offices and this program below is what ended up relieving my muscle pain for the better.


Flexible Back 2.0 - Lower Back Flexibility Program


Strengthening the lower back is a great way to prevent injury.  If you are looking to relieve pain and tightness through muscle massage, you need a proper tool that will get into those hard to reach places.  The QL Claw is designed specifically for muscle release through tissue massage.  Check out our Testimonial page and hear from satisfied athletes, therapists, and trainers on how the QL Claw has helped them.



If you want to further your back strengthening journey and want more exercises (other than the reverse hyper) and proper coaching.  Check out my strengthening program below.


Back of Steel - Lower Back Strengthening Program





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