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QL Stretch | The Very Best QL Stretch For The Back

There are many ways to stretch the deep QL muscle in the lower back, but today I am going to show you the very best QL stretch you can possibly do. This deep, effective QL stretch is great for improving lower back mobility and potentially relieving lower back pain.


Why Stretch The QL Muscle?

The QL muscle lies deep in the lower back and tends to get over stressed from slouching when sitting, lifting with poor form, and excessive use. In other words, most people develop QL tightness and pain just from existing as humans in 2022. A deep, therapeutic QL stretch can reverse a lot of lower back tightness and pain brought on by daily habits.

QL stretch movements can also improve overall back mobility, reducing risk of injury or spasm when performing activities. The more your spine can move freely, the more range of motion you can use without stressing the poor lower back.


The Best QL Stretch (Hands Down)

Getting right into it - here is the best QL stretch I have found to date. This QL stretch is shown using a stick, but it can also be done on a fixed object like a pole, door frame, etc. Some actually prefer using a fixed object because it allows you to lean into the QL stretch with more force.

QL Stretch 1

QL Stretch 2

A few key tips for performing this QL stretch:

Use a wide grip on the stick. Your lower hand should be darn near at the ground, with the entire stretch working on the upper-hand-side QL muscle.

Work in motion. I'm not a huge fan of static stretching, and I greatly prefer active motion into stretches like this. To work motion into this QL stretch, slowly move the top hand back and forth to stretch the QL at multiple angles. If you are using a fixed object, lean the body back and forth to stretch the QL at multiple angles for the same effect.

Perform the QL stretch for 60 seconds on each side.

Check out the full QL stretch video walkthrough here as well:


What If My QL Won't Stretch?

If you are having trouble stretching and gaining length in the QL muscle, there is a good chance you have a high amount of knotting and trigger points in the QL. Trigger points and knots are extremely difficult (some say impossible) to stretch, and they may need to be worked out prior to performing this QL stretch.

To work out QL knots and trigger points, QL Claw is the best tool for the job. QL Claw can help rid the QL (and many other muscles) of the knotting and tightness holding you back from stretching your muscles to their potential. Check out QL Claw as well as my stretching program Flexible Back below to learn more about optimizing your lower back muscles:

(Ultimate QL Release Tool For A Rigid QL Muscle) 

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