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QL Muscle Massage

The Quadratus Lumborum (QL) muscle lies deep in the lower back and has the capacity to cause a lot of lower back pain. QL muscle massage can be a great source of relief. QL muscle massage is great for athletes, desk workers, and labor workers alike - all sharing the commonality of straining their QL muscles regularly.

QL Muscle Massage

QL Muscle Massage Using QL Claw

QL Muscle Massage - Via Professional

When you go to a physical therapist, massage therapist, or maybe even a chiropractor for lower back pain, there is a great chance they will dig deep into the lower back to break up tension and tightness. This act of breaking up tension and tightness is not a broad, shotgunned approach - it is a targeted, precise QL muscle massage.

There are a variety of muscles that can contribute to lower back pain when tight, and the QL muscle is high on that list. The professionals know this, and they are trained in the art of of massaging these specific pain-inducing muscles. A great massage therapist can feel exactly what muscles to hit, where and how to massage them, and how to release them for your optimal pain relief.

ql muscle massage therapist

QL Muscle Massage At Home

If you are not one for professional massages, hope is not lost for your QL muscles. QL muscle massage can be attempted with a variety of blunt objects laying around the house, but none will do the job better than a purposefully made QL release tool like QL Claw. QL Claw is the only tool designed specifically for QL muscle massage, and it does this feature better than any other instrument.

QL Claw was not only designed for QL muscle massage, but it was also built around releasing all other 4 muscles that can contribute to lower back pain when tight. QL Claw is your one stop shop for relieving lower back pain caused by muscular tension. This tool can give you a deep, effective massage exactly where you need it most.

QL Muscle Massage with QL Claw

QL Muscle Massage - The Importance

QL muscle massage is crucial in a lower back pain relief journey. Muscular tension built up in the QL and other muscles can cause an incredible amount of pain that does not go away until effectively massaged. I know this because I have lived it. I personally dealt with 4 years of chronic lower back pain, and no matter how many stretches and strengthening exercises I did I could not ditch my pain. Once I discovered deep tissue massage techniques, especially QL muscle massage, I finally was able to overcome my pain. Learn more about QL Claw at the links below!

 QL Claw QL Muscle Release Tool
QL Claw - QL Muscle Massage Tool

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