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Oblique Exercises For An Athletic Core And Bulletproof Lower Back

The Oblique muscles - containing the internal and external Obliques - are abdominal muscles that are crucial to core strength and functionality. Oblique exercises should be a part of everyone's routine, whether you are an athlete looking to up your performance, a bodybuilder training for aesthetics, or a rehab-er exercising as a form of physical therapy.

Oblique Exercises

Oblique Exercises For Athletics

Athletic sports are incredibly dynamic and involve total body movement. In order to move powerfully and safely, the core must be strong and tight. Oblique exercises help build next level core strength and have awesome carryover to sports - especially sports with rotation like baseball, golf, tennis, and hockey.

Most athletes naturally have strong Obliques and functional core muscle solely due to the demand placed on these muscles by their sport. However, unlocking an extra level of core strength via Oblique exercises can take you to another level.

Oblique Exercises For Aesthetics

Ever wonder why the best athletes have such tight, attractive abs? One big reason is the Obliques. The Obliques are naturally worked in most sports, so they tend to develop with ease in high level athletes.

The Oblique muscles help tighten the belly and brace the core. If you feel your belly hangs out further than it should, or if you downright have a barrel stomach - Oblique exercises are a quick way to tighten up that core and make you look more attractive in a short time. Use Oblique exercises often if you have goals to tighten your belly and improve your aesthetics.

Oblique Exercises For Lower Back Health

Lastly, Oblique exercises are phenomenal for lower back health and strength. The Obliques can act as a natural back brace for your core when they function properly, which drastically reduces the pressure on the lower back. In addition, Oblique strength allows the core to tighten when physical exertion is required, further stiffening the trunk and saving the lower back.  A great exercise for this specifically, is the suitcase carry.

Check out the video below to learn more about Oblique exercises for athletics, aesthetics, and lower back health!


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