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Improve Your Wellness Routine With Nurse CBD Products

explore nurse cbd products


Whether you’re new to using CBD (cannabidiol) products or dub yourself a seasoned veteran, it never hurts to know what options are out there. After all, the landscape of health and wellness is constantly evolving with new products and businesses every day. On this page, we will discuss the company called Nurse CBD. 

Nurse CBD is also known as Nurse Wellness, a Hemp Dispensary with four locations in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania. If you want to add a high-quality CBD product to your arsenal of wellness tools, you’re in luck, because they carry 15+ cannabis brands and also ship for free on all online orders. 

Now that we’ve established ease of access, let’s not waste any more time - let’s explore some Nurse CBD products and dive into what CBD can do for you!

What is Nurse CBD?

While the cannabis industry has been around for quite a while, companies are branching out while developing/carrying new products for your consumption depending on your needs and preferences. 

Nurse Wellness/Nurse CBD touts the following:

  • High quality CBD, THC, Delta 8/Delta 9and other hemp-products
  • Fast and free shipping
  • Best selection 
  • 3rd party lab tested 

You can easily learn more at their website at

When it comes to being 3rd party lab-tested, the company reports this is to “ensure that your products are safe and potent.” This characteristic is something you won’t want to ignore when it comes to your daily health supplements. If you’re buying something online from a new source, this can help you make sure you’re not getting duped into buying fake or non-compliant products. After all, why take the risk with your health? 

What Products Does Nurse CBD Offer?

Some of the companies that Nurse Wellness/Nurse CBD have inventory for include:

  • Cycling Frog
  • Soothe
  • Trojan Horse Cannabis
  • Country Roads Cannabis
  • Secret Nature
  • Cypress Hemp
  • and more! 

When browsing either their website or in-person dispensary you’ll be able to find various products (with or without THC) such as:

  • Gummies 
  • CBD oil tinctures
  • CBD vape cartridges
  • CBD Hemp flowers
  • Pain relief creams, roll-ons, or gel
  • Chocolate bars
  • Taffy
  • Pet treats
  • Teas/seltzers
explore different ways to take cbd with nurse cbd


It may be safe to say that you won’t get bored with the variety and the selection alone is quite vast for a website/dispensary. This appears to be a one-stop shop for consumers who like to keep their options open, and if you’re new to CBD - know that just like most supplements, the route that you take CBD often depends on what you’re taking it for

For example - tinctures, gummies, and candies/treats are often utilized for anxiety or generalized feelings of overall relaxation. Creams and topical ointments can be used for localized pain such as muscle strains or tension - by applying it on the area that is affected. 

What Nurse CBD Product Should I Try?

As stated on their site, the company’s executives have had years of experience in the cannabis industry in California before beginning their journey in New Jersey. Their expertise is a great tool to rely on to discover which products/cannabis companies they would recommend for your specific ailments. They can also be contacted via email at

The founder of Nurse CBD had a mission “to bring consumers the best medicinal hemp and CBD products on the market.” With that said, it’s as if the products and companies they’ve partnered with have gone through some quality control - and although I am not an expert at CBD, my first instinct is to try any best sellers.

My only experience using CBD is with tinctures/drops - as I like to control my dose and take it anywhere I go. The stress relief is noticeable with tinctures and depending on how you take it (either straight up or mixed in another liquid) it can be easy to take and very subtle in flavor. Looking beyond tinctures, CBD gummies and edibles also sound like an interesting route to take especially if you’re keen on hiding the original flavor with something more sweet/tolerable. 

Additionally, if you’re trying to quit smoking (or just enjoy the act of it such as vaping) some consumers have transitioned from smoking to using CBD/THC vapes which are also available online. Stress relief, improved sleep, and overall relaxation are just some of the benefits that you may experience. 

Finally, as mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for any kind of pain relief you can try a skin cream, ointment, gel, or roll-on. Most products applied to the skin may help with:

  • Targeted pain relief/management
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Skin conditions (psoriasis or eczema)
  • Muscle recovery

If you’re feeling adventurous, aside from the various treats/candies, there are also seltzers and teas which all sound very interesting. A particular product called Cycling Frog: Guava Passionfruit THC + CBD Seltzer promotes relaxation and a gentle unwind. This company uses 100% natural ingredients along with MCT oil and hemp extract in their drinks. A consumer’s review stated the taste was good and gave a “great buzz like a cocktail”.

Nurse CBD: Benefits of Adding CBD Products to your Wellness Routine

As mentioned earlier, CBD products have been reported to help with multiple conditions. One study found in the Journal of Cannabis Research states that a treatment rich in CBD has a beneficial impact on pain, anxiety, and depression symptoms as well as overall wellbeing. This was, however, noted mainly in patients with severe symptoms. More research has yet to be conducted on mild symptoms. 

Another CBD study in Current Addiction Reports states that the benefits of CBD do need more investigating, as the industry is poorly regulated and “it is important that consumers are able to disentangle which products are likely to have a therapeutic effect and which are not.” 

There are important things to consider when trying out supplements - such as how the FDA doesn’t regulate the efficacy of supplements as it does with pharmaceutical drugs. It’s essential to do your research and look for something high-quality! 


Can I have CBD as a Nurse?

It’s important to thoroughly read the label of your CBD product as some may have THC - as long as you’re using a hemp-based CBD product without THC you should be good to go.

Is Nurse CBD legit?

Nurse CBD is a legit dispensary with multiple locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They have built the foundation of their success on their experience and knowledge of their products. Their thriving business has grown due to the selection process of their products based on exceptional quality and third-party lab testing

Customers have given great reviews on their shopping experience with them along with the education and knowledge they provide on their products!

What does CBD stand for in nursing?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. To learn more about how CBD started growing in the wellness industry, check out our page about CBD Genesis - From Ancient Roots to Modern Medicine! You can learn more about the origins of this compound and other important elements such as its healing benefits, how it works in the body, its safety profile, and side effects. 

Is CBD oil safe for nurses?

Just as it was briefly mentioned in the first question, CBD oil is indeed safe for most working professionals as long as it has no THC in it. It’s crucial to be aware that some CBD products do have THC in them - THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive element in cannabis plants that work with different cannabinoid receptors in the body causing you to feel high. 

CBD oil (even without THC) can affect people differently so using the wrong dose at the wrong time can still hurt your job performance if you don’t know what you’re doing. While you might be able to pass a drug test due to there being no THC, I’d say it’s best to use it with caution and save it for off-duty hours to be safe. 

Check out our page about a CBD Dosage Chart to also get you started on how to start taking CBD, and read CBD Pure for more info on their product.


Nurse CBD: Conclusion

A key selling point about this company is this: Nurse CBD specializes in highly curated health and wellness products. They aim to establish trust among their consumers based on their product quality, variety, and price. If you’re in luck to be close to a Nurse Wellness dispensary, I’d check them out since being able to talk to an expert is an awesome way to get started on your CBD journey.

If you're looking to simply try a CBD salve for back pain relief try this awesome one from our site that has 750mg CBD and arnica. Not only is it all-natural but it is made from organically grown hemp sourced in the USA that can help provide a focused, localized effect on your pain relief. 

Try CBD skin salve or other Nurse CBD products

CBD products have certainly gained popularity in the past decade for their potential health benefits - but it’s important to consult with the experts and do research where you can. Keep in mind that quality always matters so don’t skimp on the good stuff! 

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