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    Massage Stick vs. The QL Claw

    The QL Claw and Massage Stick are two personal therapy tools with similar but different intentions behind them.  Learning the difference between these tools will help you better understand what you are looking for in a massage tool.  In this article, I will be dissecting the positives and negatives of The QL Claw and the Massage Stick.

    Trigger Point Massage Stick


    What To Expect

    Just by looking at the Massage Stick next to the QL Claw, there is a noticeable difference in shape and function.  The massage stick is equipped with a rolling accessory, while the QL Claw is one solid structure.  In the massage stick's case, the purpose of this function is to roll over the surface of the muscle, in attempt to relieve muscle pain or soreness.  The QL Claw on the other hand is designed for deeper muscle massage and trigger point relief.  Trigger points are sensitive, tension filled areas in the muscle that cause pain and stiffness.  Trigger points can be released through deep tissue muscle massage.  

    QL Claw Trigger Point Massage Stick Release  

    QL Claw being used to release tension in the Quadratus Lumborum (QL Muscle) in the low back.  


    Benefits and Risks

    The massage stick is a great tool for leg muscle soreness.  Especially in the quadriceps, the massage stick can easily access soreness throughout the surface of the muscle.  A risk with the massage stick's design is how shallow the roller reaches into the muscle.  Since the massage stick is not equipped with a "hook" or "spike" to dig into the muscle, it will be more difficult to relieve deep muscle tension.  Another issue with the massage stick is the limited accessibility the massage stick has on the entire body.  With a "self massage stick", it is almost impossible to be used on the lower or upper back as a "back massage stick".  

    The Beauty of the QL Claw vs the massage stick is how effective yet effortless it is to use.  When going to a physical therapist or chiropractor for back or hip pain they will often break up tense and stiff muscles that have been left inactive and dormant.  The QL Claw was built to replace the need for a therapist or chiropractors to dig deep into your muscles.  The hook on the end of the QL Claw is designed to mimic an elbow or knuckle finding your muscles trigger point and releasing it, resulting in pain relief.  Once the trigger point is found, the QL Claw will break up the trigger points and tension with ease.


    Summary Of The QL Claw And Massage Stick:

    Both items are useful in their own way.  They are both personalized on the go tools that you can bring anywhere.  The massage stick feels good when massaging muscle soreness and helps recovery in certain muscles.  The QL Claw finds trigger points and rids your muscles of built up tension.  Both different tools with different uses.  I own both myself and I get plenty more use out of my QL Claw.  Below is a video on the QL Claw being used on the Quadratus Lumborum.



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