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The Perfect Solution for a Regular Massage At Home

Gathering supplies for massage at home.


Have you ever returned home after a long day of working, travel, or even putting in hours at the gym to then find yourself browsing online and searching, “Where can I find a massage at home near me?” Of course, we would all love to have a masseuse come to our homes on the regular and provide our muscles with the relief we deserve, but massage at home services can be quite an expensive habit to keep up with. Fortunately for you, you have come to the right place because we will be spilling all the best tools needed for you to become your own personal masseuse right in the comfort of your home.


An At Home Masseuse May Not Be the Best Option 

A massage at home by a professional masseuse seems like an easy and quite a relaxing option. One of the major benefits that people will report is being able to feel more comfortable in their own home. In turn, this helps them to relax much more than if they were in the studio.

The downside to hiring a masseuse for a massage at home is that these services plus travel fees and tips will usually cost no less than $100 per session. Since this is not a very feasible habit, it is safe to assume that most of us would not want to or be able to keep up with this as a regular habit. Sure, every now and then is great, but let’s not forget that it is best to remain consistent in order to reap all of the benefits that massages have to offer.


The Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy

Frequent use of massage therapy comes with many outstanding benefits such as:

  • Stress relief
  • Better sleep
  • Back pain relief
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improves posture
  • Increase circulation
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Enhanced muscle memory
  • Ease chronic pain 

These are just a few of the excellent benefits people report from frequent massage therapy and many people who deal with chronic stress or pain and are searching for relief will opt for regular massages.


Consistency is Key

Generally, the benefits of a massage will last for about a few days. Regular massage therapy sessions have been said to promote longer lasting results and greater benefits for overall well-being. Paying a masseuse for a massage at home every few days could really end up giving you a run for your money. 

Instead of spending a fortune every month on a professional massage at home service, we recommend routinely practicing self-massage at home techniques for long lasting results. Whether you are looking for a deeper tissue massage to target back pain or even a lymphatic massage at home, we have got you covered with a few of these tried-and-true self massages at home techniques and the essential tools for best results.


The Best Tools for At Home Massage Therapy

1. QL Claw

Tightness in the Psoas (hip flexors) and the Quadratus Lumborum (more commonly referred to as the “QL” muscle) are quite common and therefore may need regular massage therapy to see better improvements and results.

You may have been told before to use a lacrosse ball or a tennis ball to provide yourself with some relief from your lower back pain and solve your Psoas tightness or provide relief to your QL. While a ball may have some effect, it does not compare to the relief that a massage therapist can provide with the use of their hands. However, regular use of a massage therapist may not be a feasible option. Thus, the QL Claw was born.

This revolutionary tool is like having a live-in massage therapist since it is shaped like a therapist's hand and has the firmness of an elbow. With its precise design, it targets lower back and hip pain effectively. This tool applies the necessary pressure to release muscle tension, offering deep relief for individuals of all ages, sizes, and shapes.


2. Dry Brush and Gua Sha

Both the Dry Brush and the Gua Sha are simple tools that require light pressure to perform a lymphatic massage at home. They are used to promote lymphatic drainage which helps naturally move the lymph fluid out of the body. Flushing the lymphatic system is essential for eliminating waste and toxins from body tissues. 

The Dry Brush is composed of natural bristles which work to gently brush against the skin to promote lymphatic drainage. The Gua Sha is typically made of stone and this tool is typically used for a facial massage to help flush the lymph fluid from the face. Both of these tools are gentle yet effective ways to perform a lymphatic massage.


3. Your Hands

Sometimes, it can really be that simple of a solution. There are plenty of ways to apply pressure to trigger points that may be bothering you. (Check out how you can use your hands to do massage anywhere.)You can use circular motions or gently knead into sore muscles around the shoulders and neck. Your hands will also be useful in providing your hands, wrists, or feet a massage.

Using your hands is a great way to provide relief, but we also do understand that if you are in pain, the last thing you may want to do is put in more work and provide yourself with a deep massage. For this reason, we recommend starting with the QL claw for instant relief as it is a very easy solution and does the work for you.

4. Foam Rolling

The use of a foam roller can help reduce muscle pain throughout the body. It may also help to improve flexibility and can help to relieve tense muscles. The key with foam rolling is to provide the right amount of pressure. You will want to apply a moderate pressure since too much pressure can end up being counterproductive.


Routine Messages Will Yield the Best Results

Massage therapy is an excellent way to provide relief and healing to our bodies. It is not to say that treating yourself to a massage at home performed by a professional masseuse will not have profound benefits (Read more on Lomilomi massage!) However, if you are searching for long-lasting results, being able to provide yourself with a routine massage at home will be extremely useful.

Like most things, consistency is key and massage therapy happens to be one of them. Building consistent habits with routine massage at home therapy techniques is a sure way to begin to see results and the many benefits that massage therapy has to offer. You can create an affordable and highly effective routine through the use of at home massage techniques and tools.

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