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Lower Back Massage Techniques

Lower back muscle tension is incredibly common, and can be very painful. Lower back massage techniques, done correctly, can alleviate the tension caused brought on by lower back muscles and relieve a ton of pain and tightness in the body.

lower back massage techniques

Professional Lower Back Massage Techniques

When it comes to an effective, relaxing, therapeutic lower back massage - nothing beats a professional. The techniques used by the hands of a trained physical or massage therapist are unmatched. An effective lower back massage can not only help release accumulated muscle tension, but it can also destress and relax the entire body. A great back massage can turn your whole day around both physically and emotionally.

A trained physical or massage therapist is also a marksman when it comes to their practice. They know exactly which lower back muscles to massage, which techniques to use, and how to make the experience relaxing and therapeutic for you. Unlike your girlfriend, boyfriend, or whoever can give you a back massage in your life, these folks are trained in the art of sweet, therapeutic release of tension in the body.

The downside to the lower back massage techniques by professionals are the costs and timing. The best massage therapists charge an arm and a leg - and although most are worth it - the cost can add up to hundreds of dollars after a few sessions. In addition, it can be hard to schedule lower back massage visits exactly when you are available and in need of myofascial release. It is for this reason that it can be nice to have a lower back massage device laying around.

Lower Back Massage Techniques At Home

Although lower back massage by professional is unmatched, there are some nice consolations in at home massage tools. At home lower back massage techniques can be very nice due to their lower cost and convenience - especially with being available at the exact moment you need a massage. Whether you had a long work day, slouched too much at your desk, threw out your back, or whatever, a deep tissue lower back massage can feel amazing and be super beneficial.

lower back massager

QL Claw - Lower Back Massage Device

There is one tool that stands out when it comes down to lower back massage at home - and this tool is QL Claw. QL Claw has a massage portion designed to mimic the elbow of a physical or massage therapist, and can dig deep into those hard to reach lower back muscles - just by laying on it. QL Claw is the closest thing to the marksman practice of a professional therapist done at home.

lower back massage techniques device

In addition: lower back tension is not only caused by muscles in the lower back. It is known in the massage therapy community that hip flexor muscles in the front of the body, glutes in the back of the body, and lower back muscles themselves can all contribute to lower back tightness and pain. Fortunately, QL Claw can effectively access and release each of these muscles using its unique massage techniques. QL Claw has exhaustive video tutorials on the subject on their YouTube Channel as well.

Learn more about QL Claw - the best device for at home lower back massage techniques at the link below!





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