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Lacrosse Ball Massage And A Better Alternative

Lacrosse ball massage is becoming a more popular technique when it comes to deep tissue massage.  More people are starting to throw out their foam rollers and tennis balls, and picking up a lacrosse ball as their primary muscle release tool.  Without hesitation, people are turning to the lacrosse ball for pain relief. 

While lacrosse ball massage may give temporary pain relief, it is not the most effective strategy.  If you want to get the most out of releasing your muscles through deep tissue massage, you need a tool that is functional, dependable, and built for the job.


Alternative To Lacrosse Ball Massage:

Finding a reliable therapy tool for muscle release can be difficult.  Using a tool designed specifically for releasing trigger points in muscles will be more functional and of value than a ball.  Lacrosse ball massage is more beneficial than a foam roller because of the depth the lacrosse ball massage reaches in the muscle.  The lacrosse ball however, will not reach trigger points as well as other therapy tools. 

A great tool for trigger point release is the QL Claw.  The QL Claw is a sturdy trigger point release tool equipped with a hook designed specifically for digging into trigger point with maximum efficiency.  A lacrosse ball on the other hand is round making it difficult to reach the trigger point while being unstable on a flat surface.


Why The QL Claw?

What makes the QL Claw great is its simplicity and versatility.  The QL Claw was ergonomically designed to mimic a therapist's elbow, digging into muscles.  The QL Claw was built primarily for the Quadratus Lumborum (QL) muscle, with an emphasis on on other muscles such as; the Psoas, Iliacus, Piriformis, Gluteus Maximus, TFL (IT Band), and even pectorals and Rhomboid muscle pain.  Basically anywhere with  muscle tightness, the QL Claw is of use.  

Lacrosse Ball Massage QL Claw

Unlike lacrosse ball massage, the QL Claw allows your body to stay in a rest position while releasing muscles.  This innovative therapy technology will have you releasing trigger points with no effort at all. 


Save yourself time and money on multiple trips to the chiropractor and get your QL Claw today!


BulletProof Your Low Back Today: 

Whether it's through lacrosse ball massage or with the QL Claw, releasing trigger points with deep tissue massage is only step one in building a bulletproof low back.  Step 2 is stretching.  Keeping a mobile low back will help prevent future pain.  Stretching muscle fibers throughout your low back is a secure way to relieve anymore muscle pain and tension.  If you are serious about relieving pain and increasing mobility in your lower back, check out my Flexible Back 2.0 - Lower Back Flexibility Program.

Flexibility Program

The final step in bulletproofing your low back is strengthening.  This will act as the bulletproofing agent to any future injury.  Building up muscles around your spine is the best way to beat back pain before it starts.  Check out my Back of Steel - Lower Back Strengthening Program.

Back of Steel - Lower Back Strengthening Program




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