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How To Increase Back Flexibility

The muscles around the lower back can be your greatest performance asset or your worst demise. A well-oiled, strong, flexible back is a cornerstone of being a physical machine. On the contrary a stiff, weak, rigid lower back can be the single most debilitating and painful phenomenon you experience in your life. This article will show you how to increase back flexibility and bring you one step closer to the physical abilities you know you deserve.

how to increase back flexibility

Why You Need To Increase Your Back Flexibility For Pain Relief Today

At this point I am going to clarify exactly what I mean by "back flexibility". By increasing back flexibility I do NOT mean specifically stretching the lower back, but rather stretching every muscle that contributes to lower back pain when stiff. When I mention "back flexibility" you should think flexibility in the hamstrings, glutes, hip flexors, and mid-back that all contribute to lower back pressure when tight. Got it? Good.

You need to increase back flexibility today because your lower back simply can't take it anymore. Every time you bend over to reach something, your hamstrings and glutes are so stiff that your lower back must compensate. Every time you reach across the counter, your mid back is so stiff that your lower back must compensate. We must stop the madness - improve range of motion in the body today so that your lower back stops taking unnecessary pressure from stiffness in other muscles.

back flexibility stretches

How To Increase Back Flexibility FAST And PERMANENTLY

Here's a dose of truth for you: there are wrong ways to stretch and there are right ways to stretch. There are a few consistent faults I see in stretching - here they are and what you can do better to increase your back flexibility fast and for good:

1. Lack Of Focus

Stretching to increase back flexibility should be treated as high priority exercise and given 100% of your focus. I see so many people "stretching" while on their phones, slacking off, or in la-la land and I KNOW they aren't gaining a lick of flexibility. The key here is to bear down, focus like you would on a PR deadlift set, and grind out the stretch. Stretching is very mental and requires all of your focus to be performed effectively (comment if you get this and ever have the mobility sweats).

2. Static Stretching

Static stretching is perhaps the least effective way to gain flexibility - especially when it is coupled with #1 above. A better alternative to static stretching is using the floss technique, or stretching muscles under load to force them into length submission. This video is a great example of how to floss stretch the hamstrings: 


3. Not Enough Time Under Tension

In order to build length in muscles, you need do place a stress on them for time or else they have no reason to grow. Each stretch should be a minimum :30 of focused work, but better to be in the 1:00-2:00 range. This circles back to #1 - make sure you are in a focused, ready-to-work state for the full duration to get the most out of how to increase you back flexibility.

Best Program To Increase Back Flexibility

The best program out there designed specifically to increase flexibility to relieve lower back pain is Flexible Back. Flexible Back is a 4 day per week, 15 minute per day stretching program that will force your body to gain length in just one week. Your mobility and pain are in your hands - own it today.

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