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Glute And Hamstring Stretches For Lower Back Pressure Relief

When it comes to relieving pressure on the lower back, glute and hamstring stretches are king. The looser the glutes and hamstring you have, the more your body can move, bend, lift, and fold without straining the poor lower back. Here is a quick guide on why glute and hamstring stretches are important, and how you can build real, long lasting length in these muscles.

hamstring stretch for lower back pain

My name is Ben and above is a picture of me effortlessly placing my palm on the floor. I'm showing this because just two years ago I was in crippling back pain with some of the stiffest muscles a 20-something year old can have. If I can build flexibility and get out of 4 years of debilitating lower back pain, you can too.


Glute And Hamstring Stretches - Why These Muscles?

The glutes and hamstrings are two of the most important muscles to target when you are looking to stretch for lower back pain relief. The reason for this is due to their function of hip hinging (also known as forward flexion, bending forward, picking stuff up off the ground, etc.). Every time you bend forward to reach for something, something has to stretch - and it is up to you whether it is going to be your hamstrings and glutes or your lower back.


Benefits Of Glute And Hamstring Stretches

Beyond lower back pressure relief, glute and hamstring stretches can unlock a whole world of flexibility that you didn't know you had in you. Once your glutes and hamstrings stretch to greater length, you may notice some of the following unexpected wins:

  • Better sitting posture
  • Increased nerve sensation in the legs and feet
  • Lower back, knee, and hip pain relief
  • Cool party flexibility tricks


How To Perform Glute And Hamstring Stretches

The best way to gain real, long lasting length in the glute and hamstring muscles is to follow a proven, structured program for building flexibility. I've learned that I can prescribe x, y, and z exercises all day, but until you have a structured program with accountability there is limited chance of success. It is for these reasons that I created Flexible Back - the ultimate stretching program designed specifically to gain flexibility with the intention of relieving lower back pressure and pain. Flexible Back is an affordable, value packed program designed to build quick, permanent length if the glutes, hamstrings, and other muscles that can contribute to lower back pain when tight. Check it out at the link below!



For more glute stretches check out my blog post on 5 of the Best Glute Stretches for Pain Relief.  

If you want a quick guide on solely how to stretch the glutes and hamstrings - look no further and check out the video below! 


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