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Best Muscle Relaxer For Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis Syndrome is fixable. Read on to determine if Piriformis Syndrome is causing your pain, and the best muscle relaxer products to heal it right at home.

Best Muscle Relaxer For Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis Syndrome Diagram [1]


What Is Piriformis Syndrome?

Piriformis Syndrome refers to the chronic tightening of the Piriformis muscle and its compression on the sciatic nerve. When the Piriformis muscle contains trigger points and constant tension (see Piriformis trigger points), it can physically place pressure on the sciatic nerve - causing pain, numbness, and/or tingling in the buttocks and down the leg.

Piriformis Syndrome Pain Pattern

Piriformis Pain Pattern (left) & Muscle (right) [2]

Additional Piriformis Syndrome symptoms include:

  • Discomfort sitting
  • Constant, nagging buttock/hip pain
  • Tailbone pain
  • Weakness and stiffness in the glutes

Pain from Piriformis Syndrome can be mistaken for nerve inflammation, disk protrusion, or even arthritic spur formation [1]. Before considering drastic, permanent measures to heal Piriformis Syndrome quickly, it may be worth trying non-invasive muscle-relaxing methods first.


Best Muscle Relaxers For Piriformis Syndrome

The goal of using muscle relaxers for Piriformis Syndrome is to release its constant tension. This can take time and effort, but it can potentially provide 100% relief.

Types Of Muscle Relaxers

There are two types of solutions when it comes to using muscle relaxers for Piriformis Syndrome: 1) Physical relaxers, and 2) Chemical relaxers.

Best Physical Muscle Relaxer For Piriformis Syndrome

The best place to start is physical - meaning deep tissue massage applied to the Piriformis muscle. Oftentimes, trigger points and muscle tension only respond to physical manipulation, especially when the trigger points/tension have existed for years.

The best physical muscle relaxer for Piriformis Syndrome is a trained physical therapist or massage therapist. They are trained in anatomy and muscle release techniques and will offer the quickest route to healing the tension that causes Piriformis Syndrome.

If you are looking for a physical product to be your muscle relaxer for Piriformis Syndrome at home, your best bet will be QL Claw. QL Claw was designed to release the Piriformis muscle and others for optimal, quick pain relief. Check it out at the links here:

Piriformis Release  QL Claw

Best Physical Muscle Relaxer For Piriformis Syndrome

QL Claw Muscle Relaxer On The Piriformis Muscle

Best Chemical Muscle Relaxer For Piriformis Syndrome

The second category of muscle relaxers for Piriformis Syndrome is chemical. Chemical solutions can range from anti-inflammatory pills like Advil to targeted topical creams like CBD or Arnica.

It is best to attempt to physically relax the Piriformis muscle first, because the trigger points may not respond to chemicals. I have no evidence to support this, but I would hypothesize that most trigger points will not be released chemically alone.

However, once the Piriformis tension is physically released, chemicals can be great for reducing inflammation and pain in the area. For muscle relaxers specifically, I prefer topical products over pills. The reason is that topicals are much more targeted, and precise, and aren't absorbed by the entire body where they aren't needed.

Our recommendation and the best topical muscle relaxer for Piriformis Syndrome is a CBD Arnica salve. A CBD Arnica topical salve combines the clinically proven anti-inflammatory effects of CBD and Arnica (feel free to research each on your own) to help your muscles relax as optimally as possible. Learn more at the following link:

CBD Arnica Topical

Best Topical Muscle Relaxer For Piriformis Syndrome

CBD Arnica Topical Muscle Relaxer


Muscle Relaxer Products For Piriformis Syndrome

The best muscle relaxer for Piriformis Syndrome is going to be the physical hands of a trained professional. However, for a close second (and cheaper alternative) at home check out our top muscle relaxant products:



How To Heal Piriformis Syndrome Quickly

To get the most out of your muscle relaxers and heal Piriformis Syndrome quickly, it is important to be diligent and consistent. Particularly for cases of Piriformis Syndrome where the tension has existed for years, it may take a fair amount of volume to fully relax the Piriformis muscle.


I recommend massaging the Piriformis twice a day for 4 days consistently. For a more potent relaxation, immediately follow massage with a topical relaxant to reduce inflammation and minimize muscle guarding/retightening.

After 4 days of diligent, focused, consistent massage, you will either be mostly healed or in the same spot. If you are mostly healed that is great, you've cracked the Piriformis Syndrome code. If you are in the same spot, I would seek a professional's help because you may be doing Piriformis release incorrectly - or Piriformis Syndrome may not be your problem.


When Is Piriformis Surgery Necessary

If the best muscle relaxers do not solve your Piriformis Syndrome, it would be worth an MRI or a deeper look into the problem with a medical professional. It is always great to try non-invasive, low-cost methods first, but sometimes surgery or drastic measures are the only option.

What I'll leave with is this: Always opt for the least invasive, least permanent solutions first because a) they may solve your problem entirely, and b) they don't cause permanent damage.

Thank you for reading about the best muscle relaxers for Piriformis Syndrome! Read one of these next for more Piriformis Syndrome help:


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