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The Best Back Massager For Knots [QL Claw]

The QL Claw massage tool is designed to be the best back massager for knots and trigger points. Its unique design allows deep massage into hard-to-reach back muscles and thoroughly eliminates knots - particularly for relieving lower back pain.

Best Back Massager For Knots Review

QL Claw Lower Back Massager - Unprompted Review 


Why QL Claw Is The Best Back Massager For Knots

QL Claw was designed around the need for a deep-tissue massage tool that can reach difficult-to-access muscles in the low back and hips. QL Claw's trigger portion is designed to resemble the knuckle and elbow of a massage therapist and is great for deep, soothing muscle knot release.

Best Back Massager For Knots

The function of QL Claw does not stop there. The ramp portion functions in two ways - as a comfortable shelf to support the body as you lean into the trigger, and also as a magnificent Psoas muscle massager.

QL Claw is also designed to release all 5 muscles that contribute to low back and hip pain when tight. No matter the muscle ailment, QL Claw can help.


How To Use The QL Claw Back Massager For Knots

QL Claw has many functions as a back massager for knots in the lower back, although it is best at targeting the areas in the hips, low back, and glutes that contribute to lower back and hip pain. Depending on your tightness patterns and pains, there are likely a few specific muscles that contain knots and are desperate for release.

Low Back Knot Release: There is one lower back muscle - the Quadratus Lumborum (QL) - that is a large culprit of low back pain in active people. Opening up the QL muscle post-workout is a great way to relieve that day-after back soreness.

QL Claw is the best QL release tool on the market. It was made for this function - QL is even part of the name!

 Best Back Massager For Trigger Points

QL Muscle Release Using QL Claw




Glute Tightness And Knot Release: The glute muscles can refer a ton of pain to the low back region. Glute muscles can shorten after an intense workout without attention to recovery, and deep tissue massage can be a great way to relieve the constant tension in the muscles.

The glute muscles tend to get tight and tense from high levels of physical activity. Releasing two specific glute muscles - Gluteus Medius and Piriformis - can be very beneficial post-workout, or if you feel pain in the low back or glutes.

Gluteus Medius Massager

Gluteus Medius Release Using QL Claw

Piriformis Massage Tool

Piriformis Release Using QL Claw




Hip Flexor Tightness And Knot Release: The hip flexor muscles in the front of the body tend to get very short from excess sitting. This can lead to a host of tightness in the hip flexor muscles, which in turn can wrench on the lower back and cause back pain. Relief can be felt from deep tissue massage of two hip flexor muscles - Psoas and Iliacus.

The Psoas and Iliacus hip flexors muscles can be effectively massaged by simply laying on the Claw. Your body weight, breath, and light motion can release knots and trigger points in these two muscles within minutes.

Iliacus Release Using QL Claw

Iliacus Release Using QL Claw

Psoas Massager

Psoas Release Using QL Claw





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(The Best Back Massager For Knots)



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