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    Psoas Release Therapy - The Ultimate Cure to Lower Back Tightness

    Do you sit for a large portion of the day? Does your low back tighten when you stand up? Do you have regular feelings of stiffness?  Symptoms like these are common and can feel intense, and in some cases severe.  Surprisingly, the solution to these problems could be quite simple.  Learn how you can free tightness through Psoas release therapy and get back to living a pain free life.

    ÔĽŅWhy The Psoas Release Muscle?

    The Psoas release muscle is typically not the first place we think to examine when dealing with back pain.  Being located in the stomach region, the Psoas release muscle is mainly responsible for hip flexion.   Hip flexion plays a major role in a healthy core and lower back.  

    The Psoas release muscle is very receptive to tightness.  This is common in people with office jobs.  Sitting all day with little activity will stiffen up the Psoas release muscle and create pain if the muscle is not properly taken care of.

    Psoas Release

    Psoas Muscle [1.]

    How Does the Psoas Release Muscle Affect The Low Back?

    When the Psoas release muscle becomes tight it places an extra strain on the low back.  This strain can pull the vertebrae in the low back forward towards the stomach.  Psoas Muscle Pain Symptoms will result in poor posture, sleep, lifting, and many other symptoms.  Living with constant sharp pain can be irritating, and using a massage and stretch technique for Psoas release can help cure and prevent any future pain.

    Psoas Release Technique:

    When left stiff and unattended, tissue in the Psoas release muscle will become stiff.  Using a therapy tool to break up those compressed muscle fibers is the best way to disperse tightness.  A great personalized therapy tool such as The QL Claw designed specifically for Psoas release is your best option for releasing Psoas tension.  This tool will get in those hard to reach areas with maximum comfortability.  

    For a tutorial on how to perform Psoas release using the QL CLaw, watch the video below.   


    The QL Claw is also designed for other muscle groups such as; the Quadratus Lumborum, Gluteus Medius, Piriformis, and plenty more.  These muscles all have an effect on lower back pain, making the tool so versatile.  Save yourself multiple trips to the chiropractor and get your QL Claw today!!

    Psoas Release Stretch:

    Releasing tension from the Psoas will relieve most of the built up stiffness.  After massaging the Psoas release muscle, it is important to stretch it out.  Stretching the muscle will lengthen the tight muscle fibers that have been left stagnant and inactive.   Two great stretches for the Psoas release muscle can be found here: Hip Flexor Stretches for Low Back Pain Relief.  In this video I dive into the importance of stretching your hip flexors/Psoas release muscle and how to complete these stretches with proper form.

    Other Psoas Release Treatments Include:

    • Hip extension exercises that work surrounding muscles to the Psoas Release Muscle¬†
    • Fixing your posture (keep a straight back and pelvis) and sleeping position (pillow under legs for less strain on hip flexors)
    • Regular walks to keep the Psoas release muscle flexible and active
    • Strengthening your abdominal muscles (be sure to not over work hip flexor and ab muscles)
    • Use a massage tool (QL Claw) to massage and stretch low back and hip muscles for increased flexibility.



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